“no” is my vitamin

in the mail today, i received a box from a certain well-known publication.  last fall i reluctantly submitted a series of art pieces for their consideration. it was hard for me to part with them for fear of them being lost or worse, being given to some charity!   over half a year had passed & i heard nothing from them.  i was beginning to think that my pieces were lost forever.  this was causing me some degree of anxiety.  do you have any IDEA how long it took me to create these pieces??  do you?  well, let’s just say the amount of time & energy i put in was ridiculously HIGH. 

when i saw the box in our mailbox & then the return address, i had a feeling i knew what lay inside.  i had at once both a sense of “relief” (because i finally got my artwork back!) which then quickly faded into “failure.”  my mind raced with questions like, what’s wrong with my artwork?  why wasn’t my stuff selected?  wasn’t it good enough?   etc.  i could go on & on.  you know how the inner critic works?  snowball effect.rejected (yet again!), but oh so not defeated.  

it’s always a RISK, isn’t there,  when you put yourself out there & submit something you created from the heart & soul.  what you believe to be an innovative piece of art may not be received as such nor fully appreciated by others, whose job, i realize, is to gatekeep.   yes, i do understand that this particular publication receives thousands of artwork to review.  but it is still a blow to one’s ego when your prodigal artwork is returned with a form letter essentially stating, “thanks but no thanks.”  the trick now for me is to shrug this off, pick myself up, dust myself off & forge on. 

 & that, my friends, is precisely what i intend to do.  


6 Responses

  1. That’s horrible. Obviously the people on the review board have never been artists, or they would have handled the situation with much more care. I hate it when I feel rejected, or when I am not sure what I create is good enough. Then, I get a grip and realize I create because creating brings me the joy. It doesn’t matter if others love it or not, the joy is in the creating and sharing what you create.

    I happen to love your creations, and I gave your beautiful creations that I bought from you last summer on the Cape to my sisters and my mom. First I had them displayed on my baker’s rack for me to enjoy before I packaged them up and sent them for gifts. You made them happy, you make hundreds of people happy, isn’t that what counts? You touch people’s hearts and that lasts. Do you know how many magazines I read and put in a rack and never look at again. But Mary Ann’s creations live in my mom’s sweet little apartment in Vermont, and my sister Lynne’s house in North Carolina and my sister Susan’s house in Pennsylvania.

    I am sorry to ramble, but if I were on that review board, you would be on the cover!

    Blessings, Karen

  2. karen, thank you for that! i appreciate your kindness more than you will ever know! what a dearheart you are…so glad that our paths crossed!

    xoxo mary ann

  3. It is always tough to hear/receive the “No”.
    I have been there my friend.
    I am proud of you for trying. and I know you will try again.

  4. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you putting yourself out there no matter what the outcome. I think that your a fabulous artist with ENORMOUS talent. Never ever doubt your talent my friend. Just keep trying!


  5. thank you melanie & bridget for your reassuring words of support & friendship! i feel blessed to have friends such as you.

    xoxo mary ann

  6. Mary Ann! I am so shocked to read this, and I know just how you feel (more in my Flickr message)! But,at least they kept it for many months-that is a good sign! And, at least you’ve been in Stamper’s Sampler. I can’t get anything in anything! Maybe we should ALL go to Cloth Paper Scissors!

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