me meme

(some finds from a recent antiquing jaunt)

the lovely she tagged me with this last week… i finally got around to do this…plus, since she is a doll, i will gladly oblige. 🙂

Last Movie you Saw in a Theater:
ummm, sorr…it’s been AWHILE since i’ve seen a live flick.  nuts & bolts over here lately, lol… my garden lately has been preoccupying my time (i have 10 peony bushes to plant & it’s been raining like cats & dogs all weekend!!!).  also, i have all sorts of studio wips to get to as well and not to mention get ready for those flea market shows i’ll be doing later this summer!  i’d be so lucky if i can afford the luxury of visiting my local cinema! 

What Book or Books Are You Reading?
I’m reading

 1) a couple books on legal/entreprenurial stuff (like copyrights & trademarks…i.e., doing my homework) how to incoporate is one book on the subject among others. 

2) some crafty books:  french inspired jewelry and creating vintage style. 

3) the garden primer, which i bought a couple of months ago when i went to smith & hawken.  i have been gardening for a long time, but you can never have enough books on gardening & well, i saw the author, barabara damrosch, on martha that i couldn’t very well pass it up when i spied it at s & h.  it’s even autographed!  

4) fast food… his new cookbook is full of quick, yummie recipes.  the dh & i both are trying to cook more at home rather than go out so much.  & now that the weather is warmer, i tend to eat more salads & such, especially if i have grown them myself.  there is something so incredibly satisfying (& self-reliant) about growing your own food.   

Favorite Board Game: monopoly, scrabble, trouble, blurt (what?  i work with kids & playing games are uber convenient therapy materials!)

Favorite Smells: lavender & lemon

Favorite Sound: ocean waves crashing onto the rocky coast

Worst Feeling In The World: i would have to say learning about someone you know passing.

Favorite Fast Food Place: noodles and co.

Finish This Statement. “If I Had A Lot Of Money I’d…”

create art, garden & travel to my hearts content

Do You Sleep With a Stuffed Animal? does the dh count, lol?!  🙂 negativo on that question.  our kitty tribe likes to sleep on the foot or head of the bed.

Storms-Cool Or Scary: scary…not a fan of crashing thunder, flashing lightening or torrential rain as that has been the weather scenario these days.

Favorite drink: h2o.

Finish This Statement, “If I Had The Time I Would …..” go visit all my pals that i have made since i started blogging. 🙂

If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice? black, of course.  i can’t imagine myself in any other color.

Future Child’s Name: i always liked the name “sarah jane”, she was a character from the old dr. who shows.    

Do You Drive Fast? no.  i consider myself a safe, conscientous driver.

One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:
she is thoughtful…she is always sending me such kind words of encouragement or cute pix or links.  they really brighten my day whenever i hear from she.  thanks she!!! xoxo mary ann

What’s Under Your Bed?  shoes…i am always kicking off my shoes underneath the bed, lol!

Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again? i can’t imagine being anyone else either.

Morning Person Or Night Owl? defintely a morning person!  my days of being a night owl are few & far between. 

Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up? over easy…i have a slight aversion to runny eggs…so yes, that means eggs benedict (my hubby’s fave) would be out, i’m afraid.

Favorite Place To Relax: on top of mt. battie with hubby by my side. (well, anywhere, really, as long as the dh was right there with me)…

Favorite Pie: apple pie a la mode

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: mint choco chip

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2 Responses

  1. you are soo sweet! thank you.

  2. HEY GIRL! My garden has EXPLODED, and I’ve just decided to tell people that I go for the “rustic~english~cottage style!!”

    I LOOOOVE the poppy shots below! Those are one thing I don’t have, and I keep saying “one day”! (just lke everything else!)

    Glad to see things are looking bright and cheery your way!


    miss ‘ya!

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