now that school is officially out for the summer, {YIPPEE!!!} i am heaving a huge sigh of relief!  i took the long way home after school yesterday, driving through the country back roads.  as i crossed into cheeseland from the land of lincoln, i decided to take a little detour & check out some interesting shops i spied. 

 i saw this charming little chair in front of this cute place, called annabelle’s.  i loved the old-timey red & white mosaic tiles in front of this delightfully romantic shop.  the shop’s proprietress, cindy, was friendly and welcoming.  we struck up a conversation after i told her that her cute cottage chair pretty much hooked me into her store, hehehe!  she named the shop after her mother, annabelle.  what a sweet tribute. & her shop, well, it was enchanting!  gorgeously decorated. 

we chatted about how this month will mark her one year anniversary & then she told me about other fun shops on this street that i should visit.  hmmmm, i told her that my sis (looney) would go gaga over her french/parisian merch!  she’s an official dealer of  romantic homes magazines & sells them  in her shop at half price!  wow, i told her that i will be coming there to pick up my next copy, lol.  perfect excuse, too, hehehe (don’t worry loon, i picked up a copy for you…as well as a business card!).  we chatted about country living’s women entrepreneur event.  she had wanted to go, but the tix were sold out!  i told her that my sis & i went & had an absolutely fab time.  she wants to go next year.  i told her that we’d be there!  i enjoyed chatting with her…she was lovely. i also told her that i found her place on a whim.  she was glad that i stopped by.   how serendipitous, my happening onto her place. 

you know what?  good things seem to happen whenever i follow my bliss. 😉


2 Responses

  1. Maggie was across the room when i clicked on your blog and she heard the song on your blog and she said that is the song that maryAnn made for me. It so funny how she remembered!

    Happy end of school!!!

  2. oh wowzer…need to go…NOW!!! can’t wait to see you in JULY and shoppe til we drop…oh…everything looks PERFECTLY FRENCH…tres magnifique!!! xoxo 😉

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