les modes de marie

the lovely catherine extended her theatre troupe fashion show to next sunday, june 8th, which is fine by me. it gave me some extra time to retake pix & create.  a while back, i posted pix of my 1st toy theatre attempt. 

i took additional pix as i am compiling a cd to send to catherine…i had a hard time choosing which ones to send. so i’ll just let her choose, hehehe. she is planning on publishing the group’s pix after the virtual fashion show next sunday. how exciting…

i came across some gold & green trims & swatches that i decided to create another marie-esque party frock.  i also found this mini cabinet that i thought would make the perfect little toy theatre.  it was already distressed & painted white…the only thing that i added was a fleur-de-lis, which i painted, what else, white & then rubbed some metallic paints for an antiqued look.   

 hope you’re having a lovely sunday!  i have more to share, but my garden is calling me & i must attend. 🙂

ta ta for now. xoxo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. Mary Ann these are beautiful

  2. i just tagged you in a meme!

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