arTEA show n tell

 the fun gals, analise & cerri, have posted another great theme over at show ‘n tell sundays: teacup/china/silver collections, just some of my fave things i LOVE to collect!  particularly vintage china tea cups 

 i have been an avid collector of all things tea for the past couple of decades!  & whenever i happen upon any type of tea acoutrement…i snap them up ASAP.  

the upstairs dining room is burgeoning with all sorts of teacups, teapots, dessert plates, etc.  one of my goals i’m aiming for is to open up an arty vintage tea room someday & thus, have been steadily gathering all sorts of “tea ware” to fill my tea room.  you know what they say, if you dream it, it will BE!

over the years, i also like to collect pretty glass & silver ware.   today, i am only sharing a portion of my collections.  some of my collections are either tucked away in boxes that are in the garage or in the downstairs kitchen.  since i’m getting ready to do a couple of shows here, as well as updating my online shops, the upstairs dining room has become a virtual warehouse lately, hehehe, that i really didn’t have to go far to take pix. 🙂  {sorry mom, i promise, i will maintain some semblance of order upstairs very, very soon!} 

as a wee gal, i have always had this penchant for collecting.  i think it started with PAPER, then postage & rubber stamps, baseball cards (i was such a baseball fan when i was little)…then it eventually snowballed into what i tend to collect nowadays.  it’s so great knowing that i am not the only one who COLLECTS!  heehee… to check out other fun collections, go here. 🙂

 i’ve been thinking lately about hosting another virtual tea at some point this summer…perhaps near my birthday or so?  perhaps a “summer birthdays” tea?…hmmm…it’s been pretty quiet there…will have to consult with my sis looney…she’s a summer babe like me too. & i know that she will go for this idea as well.:)

yesterday, i have been working in the studio, trying to complete some arty wips.  i am still working on my house pages for this swap as well as some other swappy wips.  

 speaking of swaps, i received this wicked delightful package from the cutie pie, jessi.   she is such an EARLY BIRD, can i just tell you?!  lol… 

she has her pages done for the vintage prom dress swap that i am hosting & the deadline isn’t until july 26th!  OMG!!!  she is beyond wicked fast, lol!  & what a sweetie she is, she added some extra goodies.    i love everything jessi, thank you!! xoxo

i found out through the faerie zine grapevine that a blog pal was recently hospitalized!  the wonderful lisa had a call for artwork for an impromptu book collab to help cheer susie (aka susie scott studios on flickr) on a speedy recovery.  here’s my 5×5 page (it is partly digi  & cut & paste collaged art)>>>

also, i meant to share my friday’s finds the other day, but at the time, i was just so spent, both physically & emotionally.  creating in the studio has helped revive me & get myself outta that funk… an assortment of odds n ends that i’m thinkin’ will lend themselves nicely to some nifty art assemblages! 😉

  rose chitz china dishes… & saving my best find this week for last>>>

  ‘palace rose’ which i snapped up for a mere $1 usd!!!!  how wicked lucky!

it’s back in the studio for now.  am working at a somewhat feverish pace to get my house pages done so that i can mail out on tuesday.  until next time, have an arTEA sunday! xoxo mary ann


9 Responses

  1. love your collection,its great to see all these pretty treasures!Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Beautiful collection of treasurers , thanks for sharing

  3. Hey Mary Ann~

    Wow, you have SUCH a great collection!! Love all of your pretty tea cups!

    Thanks for sharing today, hope you have a great weekend!


  4. cute stuff today girl!!
    im glad i get to be first in the book.
    have a fab weekend

  5. What lovely collections you have! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll be back to visit your pretty blog again soon!

    BTW, how lucky you are to receive such a neat package from Jessi!!!

    Angelic Accents

  6. That first tea cup has such a sweet little pattern. I’ll have to check back with you because I have no idea what happens at a virtual tea but it sounds interesting–will there be sweets?:)

  7. You are a busy girl! Love your collection and yes Jessi quite generous and sweet! I too created a digi 5×5 for Susie. I hope to see the final book. Have a great week!


  8. i bet your house is just full of neat stuff!!

  9. Love, love, LOVE all of these pictures. Wow, my teacups pale in comparison to yours. Stunning.

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