opportunity knocks

you know that old saying?  when one door closes,

another one opens?

in another week or so, i will be finishing up my school contract.  it’s been a long year and i am really looking forward to it coming to an end.  i will, though, miss many of my students as they have brought me many days of laughter & smiles.  i’ll be throwing an end of year ice cream party for them… just my little way of showing how much i appreciated them working so hard this year.  🙂

with the school year winding down, i have also been distracted by something that has been weighing heavily on my mind & also my heart.  i hadn’t mentioned this before, mainly because it’s been wicked busy here & the fact that i was trying to come to terms with what happened.  i am ready now to reflect on a colleague’s untimely passing.  she was a few years younger than my mom, but she was someone whom i respected and liked tremendously at the school district.  she passed away earlier this month after a brief bout of agressive lung cancer.  it was shocking for me to learn that she had end stage cancer.  the last time i saw & spoke with her was before christmas vacation.  she hadn’t let on that she was so gravely ill.  & that was so like her.  she was so selfless, you know?  she was the type of person who would buy you a meal with her last dollar, you know what i am saying?  i cannot believe that i, a healthcare professional, did not see that she was not well…but she hid it, you know?  when i last saw her,  she helped me with the new paperwork the district had just implemented.  she was so gracious and generous with her time and knowledge.  i had no idea that she was in such pain!  when i think back, i remember telling her what an angel she was to help me, how appreciative i was and that i was going to repay her kindness by taking her out to lunch when we all got back from christmas break. she said (which was so typical of her!), “yeah, isn’t payback a bitch, lol?!”… oh how we laughed…gosh, even in her inner suffering, she still found laughter.  that was so like her.  she was always laughing and cracking, often saracastic, jokes.  she was a real sweetheart of a person and a damn good therapist.  she had put in nearly 30 years as a speech therapist.   

i never did get to take her out to lunch because sadly she never did come back after christmas break.  we were told that she was on medical leave. on the day after she had passed away,  another colleague of mine called me to inform me of the news.  i was struck dumb & was very numb to the news.  it was such a hectic time school-wise…so many freakin’ meetings & other b-s work, you know?  for the past few weeks, i have been surpressing my feelings.  it’s just now coming out…  just the other day, i sent my belated condolescences to her family.  she really was a one of kind, remarkable person and i feel fortunate to have known her, even as briefly as it was.  from her obit, i learned that she and i had shared the same birthday.  my heart is heavy.  may dear m.b. r.i.p. and her family find comfort and stength with their incredible loss.  i will miss her>>> her quick wit & humor, her generous heart,  genuine kindness & her strong presence.  tears are spilling as i type this…







sorry, i didn’t mean to jerk the tears, but it is rather late & i am getting tired.  but before i turn in for the night, i felt the urge to write about her…it has been weighing heavily on my mind and writing helps me release the grief and sadness that i feel.   death always has this nasty way of sobering you up, doesn’t it?   

okay, let’s change the subject to a lighter topic, shall we? 

in the coming weeks i will be concentrating on my many arty wips, my garden, my website & various other projects.  i am thrilled to have one of my long-time dreams be realized>>>i will be a bona fide “dealer” here  and i have already started geting ready for a couple of shows that i will be doing in the next few months!  i am uber excited…& so is my sis, looney!

i’ve a feeling that this is going to be one heck of a summer!  🙂

i’m also working on a project that i hope to share very soon.  my summer calendar is filling up rapidly (& it isn’t even summer yet, lol!)…as a result, the time on the blog may be a bit sporadic in the coming weeks.  just giving you heads up.  🙂

it’s a holiday weekend…i actually have some nifty friday’s finds that i was meaning to share,  but {sigh} i am out of gas, lol…will try to post them soon…until next time, sweet dreams. xoxo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. Sometimes God keeps us busy until we’re more able to the deeper details of difficult things. I know that He’s holding you in His hand. It can be a very sheltering place if you need. I’ll be praying with you. Blessings.. Polly

  2. Enjoyed your post very much! You’re wonderfully talented too! I keep picking at post after post!

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