got flea?

my sis & her chitlins left early this morning…boy, we had such a fun weekend! 🙂 the weather was, for the most part, cool & sunny…just perfect for the ren faire in town.  & then the next day, was FLEA DAY! YAY!!  it was unusually cool yesterday at the flea opener, but we still managed to find some fun stuff! there were so many peeps there, it was like going through an obstacle course!  OMG, lol…anyway, check it out>>>

  i must have birds on the brain because i kept seeing lots of nifty bird cages, my latest obsession, hehehe.  i think i must have spotted a couple dozen of them throughout the flea market.  i so wanted to buy each & everyone that i saw, but i refrained & only bought four.  one of them was an actual antique one, according to the dealer.  I liked the turrets…reminds me of a castle.  oooh, i can’t wait to paint this cage white!  it’s going to look so FAB.  i also found this altered cage, which looks like the one i believe i saw in the latest issue of country home magazine.  it is a “desk organizer”…has shelves to hold papers & whatever else you’d like.  the best part is that it’s already painted a very sweet shade of creamy white. 🙂 

back in the studio, i have been working on creating my own paper designs…using a variety of paints, old papers & stamped images…

  here’s another mer-atc i made for this bloggy sis.  she liked the ones i made for lisa‘s swap in the faerie zine (on flickr), so i whipped one up for her pronto! 🙂 i liked the color scheme that i used in the mer- atcs that i continued the same palette for the itty bitty house book swap that bridget (aka callie flower girl) is hosting here

  i know, i know…i was supposed to make one original & then make 29 copies & embellish the copies…but i really enjoyed making my own paper design, you know…so what the hey, hehehe… 😉

  this is my contribution…

  a little sneak peek to what’s behind the door (hee)…

this week, i will be FREE (yes!) from one of my schools…then next week, the other school will be out…oooh, i can see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, lol…  i have some projects in the works…can’t wait to share & spill the beans! 

until next time, have a super week! xoxo mary ann 🙂


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  1. Oh, RenFest and flea markets. I’m so jealous.

    I seriously considered calling off work to go to a farm market today, but decided to be responsible instead.

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