macro monday

inspired by a very dear bloggy sista, i find myself zooming in on one of my fave subjects: FLOWERS!  literally.  if it weren’t such a hectic week (loads of meetings this week at school!), i would be painting these beauties {sigh}.  often times, you’ll find me snapping pix so that i can paint or sketch at a later date.  after going to that edward hopper show recently, i am itchin’ to break out the brushes! in due time, i tell myself, in due time.  first wrap up school contract & then my artful summer will come before i know it! 🙂 enjoy! xoxo mary ann



5 Responses

  1. Mary Ann what beautiful flowers. The colors are spectacular

  2. Yay! Beautiful, beautiful photo’s & flowers, Mar 🙂 So glad to inspire you – makes a change from the other way round! 😉 You are such an inspiration, sweetheart, and I thank you for that. I am so behind with my blog and just about everything else lately – could do with some of your superhuman energy! lol 😉 I’ve been busy photographing flowers, too, and am hoping I’ll find time to get arty soon – in due time… ! you are so wise…
    Much Love & Big Hugs ((((((mar)))))
    Suze xXx

    LOVE YOU right back suze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo mar

  3. So pretty!! I love doing macro shots of flowers too! They draw me in!!

  4. Hi, MaryAnn. Hope you remember me Angie’s friend I have been thinking of you lately. I know you don’t speak with Angie that much, but I just wanted to say hello and your pics r beautiful.

  5. thanks ladies! i really appreciate your kind words! 🙂

    hi jlo…yes, of course i do remember you! i wrote angie a long email a few months ago & also have tried calling her a few times… but i haven’t heard back from her…so we lost touch, but not for lack of trying on my part! i know that she is moving & so i guess that she is busy with that…i do know how it is when you are relocating your home! anyway, hope things are well for you. take care, mary ann 🙂

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