delightful detours

 on the way home from school the other day, i came upon a road block & so was rerouted to a different area.  what a pleasant surprise to come across this wonderful allee!  the pinks, greens & blues just made my heart sing as i drove by.  i have always driven through this little border town, but never on this quaint main street.  & i spotted some interesting ANTIQUE shops too!  hmmm, perhaps the detour wasn’t such an inconvenience after all, hehehe!

funny how life has this uncanny way of throwing some pretty nice curve balls. 🙂

& also, i might add, some very special, lovely people!

  in the mail this week i received another unexpected, but very much appreciated surprise!  it was from my very dear blog sista, melanie (aka melba).  & i just actually spoke to her just the other day too!  that melanie, she never even mentioned this in our convo!  what a wicked generous sweetheart! brought tears to my eyes!!!    a while back, i had mentioned the above book on the blog & how it was something i was meaning to purchase at a later date.  & here it is, in my hands!  melanie, i have devoured this book already from cover to cover!  it is fantastic read.  LOVE YOU TO BITS melanie!!! xoxo

 this came from the amazing teresa (aka “eye candy poprietress,” hehehe)…what another dearheart!!  i chatted on the phone with her earlier in the week & i cannot stop telling her what a FAB time i had taking sweet catherine’s workshops at her shop & studio last month!  i signed up my sis looney & myself to another one of her fantastic workshops!  am wicked looking forward to that!  look out teresa, it’s gonna be insanely & artfully out of control, lol!! 🙂 xoxo

 & another A*MA*ZING blog sista girl, lia!!  seriously, my sis jo & i consider her a LONG-LOST sister!  for real!!  did you happen to catch lia’s blogtalk radio show yesterday?  if you hadn’t, not to worry…you can listen to us whooping it up here.  it was a bit challenging to behave, hehehe…usually, lia & i are cracking each other up!  i think a couple of “OMGs” & “hel*s” slipped out during the show, but at least i didn’t pull a gordon, lol! thank you for having me on your awesome shoW…& when is the next one going to be?!   LOVE YOU TO BITS TOO lia!!!! xoxo

why is it that all my dear sistas are so FAR AWAY from me?!!!!!  waaah!  i wish we all lived near each other!  wouldn’t that be just absolutely wicked INCREDIBLE?!  OMG!

remember the other day, i stopped by my local public gardens? well, i also stopped by this antique mall that my sis & i had gone a few years ago.   they had just opened at the time & were still kind of unpacking.  i hadn’t gone back there since.  i was talking to my sis when i drove by the place & she told me to go scope it out.  so, i did & it was bigger & better organized than i remembered.  the shopowner said that they have expanded & opened up new rooms.  wow, how fun!  looks like my sis & her kids will be up here in a week to peruse this place too,lol! 

because this detour was unplanned, i did a quick run-through & found some little things i picked up for this week’s friday’s finds (which btw, i am doing a drawing in the group to commemorate our anniversary!). 

 an antique alpha stamp set from the 1900s…tho the date stamper in the lower righthand corner is from the 1960s.  i got this for a mere $1.50 usd!

 aren’t these old kindergarten pix too charming to pass up?  they are from 1956 & 57 & were 50 cents each. 

 & what a nifty buy at 6/$1.00…these vintage 1940s greeting cards.  too wicked cute to pass up!

oooh, this is just a warm up…this time next week, we will be heading here for the flea season opener!  i cannot wait!  it’ll be my sister’s first time…& won’t she be in for a REAL TREAT!  i can’t wait! 😉

until next time, have a super weekend!  xoxo mary ann


2 Responses

  1. What wonderful old pictures! Hope you and your mom are having a beautiful Mother’s Day!

  2. oh! Thanks for sharing!

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