interview on blogtalk radio!

at 12:30 cst TODAY, lia is going to interview me on her blogtalk radio show here.   there’s a call-in number, where you can join in on what’s sure to be a fun time!  hope to hear from you then!  🙂


3 Responses

  1. oh sooooooo pretty, Reya…i love the rotary gardens…the tulips and everything looks so beautiful!!! and your lil’ mermaids are absolutely gorgeous! man, you’re one crazy busy lil’ lady!!! xoxo loon

  2. ooops, i meant for the first post to be with the tulip post…sorrrrry!

    now, that interview was the BOMB!!!!!!!! you and lia are EXCELLENT and i truly loved reminiscing about our past, learning about how your passions came alive and what you’re doing now…your voice sounds FANTASTIC…don’t even worry about it…lia is an EXCELLENT interviewer and loved hearing her insight…I LOVED the SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for the next one…i told lia it should be of JUDY…cuz she also makes absolutely gorgeous treasures and would love to hear about how her passions turned her dreams alive!!!! great job!!! xoxo loon 😉

  3. Yes!! Judy next! It was SO good to hear you & Lia, Mar. I just wish I’d have been up early and heard it live. You sound even more beautiful on the radio, and you had me cracking up. I love the Gordon Ramsay bit and must go find your photo’s 🙂 It was a fascinating interview and I loved listening to it – so much so that I completely forgot I was cooking the dinner! 😉 Thanks so much for being so brave & inspirational. Love you.
    Big Hugs for you both xXx Suze xXx

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