hey sista girl, here you go!

been busy today in the studio…couldn’t find my darn glazing medium.  where the devil did that go?  anyway, i made do & i finally completed my spring inchies for the swap (hosted by wanda aka crafty mule on flickr) over in the faerie zine (which btw was created by my lovely pal, lisa).  i had to make 50 of them!  but it wasn’t so bad…i took a 9×12 piece of watercolor paper & created a background using acrylic paints (while talking to this sista girl, hehehe!) & then over stamping with rubber stamp swirls & polka dots. 

i also made this atc for wanda as a little thank you 

 i used the same painted background as i had with the inchies.  the femme image is from mata art.

i meant to post these pieces i made for the zne design team april product review.  it’s just been so busy around here.  we were given some collage sheets from charming sam to try out.  here’s what i made with some of the images.  it’s a darker palette than what i’m used to, but i made it work (to borrow a phrase).  🙂


this was a challenge for me, but i think i did alright.  the collage sheets were fun to use.  & the heavy cardstock that the images were printed on took wet media well, as i used glazes & washes.  the paper did not warp or fade.  that’s a huge selling point.  🙂

also, i finally, finally got my marie pages done for lisa’s book collaborative, which she wants to publish through quarry.  i am grateful & honored to have been invited to be a part of this exciting project!  having done research on marie for this other art collaborative  i’m participating in has really helped me with creating my pages for lisa.  i hope she approves. 🙂

welp, that’s all the art for now…i’ve got some others waiting in the wings.  until next time, have a great nite! xoxo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. Wow Mary Ann where do you find the time.
    Love the way you did the inchies, they look fabulous.
    The pieces you made for the zne design Team are great – it’s fun to work outside your comfort zone.
    Your Marie pages for Lisa’s book are so pretty.

  2. those are so cute! i just wish i had the patience to do an art project from start to finish. my attention span is short. argh.

    i answered your question in today’s ask she wednesday. please stop by to comment & ask another!

  3. Oooh the Marie pages are so soft and detailed! You did an awesome job girl! I am keeping my fingers crossed that LK will use them in her book!


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