a few of my fave SHOPs (part one)

the fun gals over at show ‘n’ tell sundays are back at again!  the theme this week is FAVE SHOPS!  a topic near & dear to my ❤ 🙂

this post is a “two-parter” as my sis looney took some awesome pix of our escapades last monday, but she has been sooooo wicked busy that she hasn’t uploaded them onto her flickr.  so, i’ll show you mine, tho…


last monday, i drove down to my hometown & met up with my folks (who were getting ready for their vacation) & also my sister loon.  my sis, her 6 y.o. daughter & i went on an adventure, despite the fact that it rained cats & dogs that day!  we had so many places we wanted to go to, but the torrential rain showers, lol, curtailed our mischief-making! 

but we managed to go to a couple of places that day: here & here.  they were located right by my alma mater.   gosh, that area has majorily built up since i last tooled around there as a college student!  the neighborhood is largely unrecognizable….so many SHOPS, eateries & condos!!!  it wasn’t anywhere like that back in the day, let me tell ya.  anyway, we got in from out of the rain, somewhat drenched, but otherwise giddy when we went into this place:  elizabeth & wallis, the two gals working that day, were so pleasantly friendly & they graciously indulged my sis on an impromtu photo shoot (that’ll have to wait as my sis has yet to load on her flickr).  we were the only customers in the store at that time & it was ever so nice to look (& drool) at everything without bumping into crowds. so nice to have the whole store to ourselves, heehee!   the vintage prom dress, which you see in the above photo collage,  was really the inspiration for another itty bitty book swap i’ll be hosting. 🙂

after chatting & taking pix, we headed toward ethel’s chocolate lounge.  we had wanted to go to a bunch of other shops, but the rain (plus a little 6 y.o. girl) held us back (oh well, that just means more adventures to come!!).  chilled from the two-block walk in the rain, ethel’s looked pretty inviting.  it was pouring buckets & i didn’t want to get my camera wet…so no pix of this shop.  however, my sis took some afterwards, which i hope to share in “part two” later.  ethel’s, if you have never been to the lincoln park location, is a darling little place, all decked out in pink & brown.  when you walk in, you are welcomed with a very pleasant aroma of chocolates & coffee.  YUM!  for first-timers to the shop, they give you free samples of one of their signature truffle chocs…oooh, i had the one called “chocolate mousse” & it was delectable!  that & a spot of blackberry tea, absolutely heaven!  we will definitely come back to this place for sure. 🙂

then the next day, i serendipituously heard about this hottie  (hehehe) being in town & got to go to his book signing (blogged a couple of posts ago).  to kill some time, i went here  (my fav source for wicked cheap, cool stuff when i was a young, single city gal)

here  this is located in fulton market, right by the el tracks… this is literally a warehouse of the most amazing salvaged architecture & antiques that i have ever had the pleasure of visiting!  sadly, after searching for about 45 minutes for a parking spot (parking is such a b-tch there!), the place was not OPEN! 😦 oh well, i can always come back (with my sister in tow) next time!  anyway, this area used to be a HUGE open air market back in the day.  there are some meat/fish/food markets still in the area, but it is now largely rehabbed with converted old warehouses turned lux condos & upscale shops. i remember when this neighborhood used to STINK, literally, from all the fish & meat being sold in the markets.  didn’t smell too badly the day i came by.  🙂

& here  when i lived in chicago, this was my fav source for gardening.  at the time, i lived in a 3rd floor apartment, which had a small deck overlooking the inner courtyard.  i container gardened at that time & often went to smith & hawken for some cute ideas & inspiration.  it has expanded considerably since those early days…but it is just as glorious as i remembered. 


here are some local places that i frequent>>>

  wicked cheap vintage stuff here!  i am always having all sorts of luck! 🙂

 aka the antique barn.   this is my new BFF, hehehe…this is that “junky” antique mall that i mentioned a while ago.  this is the one i wrote about that is a mixed media artist’s nirvana?  yeh…loads of goodies & dirt cheap too!  i recently came away with a very nice bookcase & box…all for under $50 usd.  SWEET!

  okay, this is one of 2 local indie shops that i go to on a regular basis.  this place, cranberry moon for its wonderful seasonal offerings…

 & this place for ooh la la, whenever i need a boost to my “inner girly divaness”, heehee.  would you just look at this place?  it is oozing with all kinds of something wonderful!  kelly, the very sweet proprietress, was kind enough to let me snap away.  i told her that her shop has to be featured in country living or something! 


& in a couple of weeks the flea market season officially opens here>>>

  i CANNOT WAIT!!!  my dh & also my sis & her kids will be trekking with me to their opener.  WOOT WOOT!  last year was so much fun…i am waiting with eager anticipation!




well, that concludes “part one” of my show ‘n’ tell…as soon as my sis gets her pix up on flickr, i will post “part two” pronto! 

thanks for bopping by & enjoy your sunday!! xoxo mary ann


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for that tour… looks like you’ve got some great places to visit!

    Victoria xx

  2. I want to go shopping with you!!! You have so many great places!!!
    thanks for sharing


  3. WOWOWOWOZER!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sure know where all the great finds are…i ADORE allllllll of your pictures of the shoppes you heart!!!!!!!! i wish i was with you on your escapades…you ALWAYS seem to find the BEST TREASURES ever, esp. with the PERFECT PRICES!!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you had the lucky chance to meet HOT Gordan Ramsey!!!!!!!! who would’ve thought that under that white coat was a steaming hot babe?!!!!!!!! what a nice guy…love that he called you “my sweets…” how British!!!!!!!! rarrrrrrrrrr….

    thank you so much for sharing the great stories of all of your (+ our) escapades and all those great pixs with us…so much eye-candy…LOVING it!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for more adventures with YOU!!!!!!! xoxo, looney 😉

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