ready for another one?

********* SIGN UPs for THE VINTAGE PROM DRESS SWAP is NOW CLOSED ********** 

 sign-ups for this swap is officially closed.  we made our 30 artist limit already & house construction will begin! yay! 🙂

feeling a little bit left out?  well, don’t fret…good ol’ mary ann has dreamed up ANOTHER fab swap theme!  i was inspired by a newsletter that i received from here as well as paying a recent visit to her chicago store with my sis & her daughter (aka my li’l niece)…PLUS, may is prom season too, isn’t it?  so i thought…

why not do an itty bitty book swap on this theme?

 sound like a good idea to you? 

if it is, then please sign up in the “official” flickr group.  but don’t wait too long, because i have a feeling that this one will fill up WICKED FAST!    

just as in my last swap, the robin’s egg blue one, the swap is limited to 30 artists & page requirements will be the same as before (2.75 inches x 3.5 inches). also, the same nominal shipping fee will apply in this swap ($6 usd for domestic participants & $8 usd for international).   DEADLINE (& i am FIRM on this, so kindly respect this) will be JULY 26.   that is more than ENOUGH time to get your set of pages done! 

have a bunch more to share, but it is getting late & i am tie-tie…until next post, sweet dreams! xoxo mar 


6 Responses

  1. Evil wicked girl doing this to me, giving me heart palpitations, I got so excited when i saw this!!! I’m in big time here~!!!

  2. PS. the url in your hyperlink isn’t working, it isn’t the right addy, you have ittybittyswap instead of ittybittybookswap xo

  3. lol, thanks natasha! it was very late when i posted this! glad to have you be on this one too! xo mary ann

  4. Oh la la the posh place shop is just my style.
    I love it!
    You lucky girl having such great places close by.

  5. Wow, lots of wonderful places!
    Thanks for playing along!
    ~Cerri xo

  6. WOW ~ gorgeous places to shop ! Those garden photos are stunning. It would be hard to live near there and not spend all your money LOL.

    Beautiful pictures ~ thanks for sharing. ~ Karen at Ciderantiques

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