following {BLEEP} my {BLEEP} bliss, yes?

yesterday, i had to go to chi-town to surprise my mom & dad as they are going on an extended vacation.   also i went down to do some birthday things for looney’s chitlins (their b-day was today & i’m glad that i was able to spend some time with them 🙂 )… i also did some other things but i will save that for later, hee hee…

but i will though, tell you some unexpected events that unfolded as i left my sister’s house at 8:30 am earlier today!  as i was driving away from my sister’s house, i turned on the radio & heard the dj rattle off some events that were set to occur today.  my ears perked up when i heard the dj say that this person was going to be here at 1 pm, promoting his new book!!!  OMG!  i thought, what are the (bleep) chances of me hearing that radio announcement at that particular moment in time?  what a stroke of luck, you know what i am saying?! total fluke! 

as much as i hate to miss a yoga class (which i was trying to get back home so that i wouldn’t miss it today!), i rationalized that i simply could not pass this up…i mean how often am i going to be in the same vicinity as this guy?   i am not really a die hard fan (until now, hehehe!!!), but i do enjoy watching his shows & also respect his philosophy on all things culinary (minus the cursing, tho at times his potty mouth can be extremely hilarious.  most of the times, he tends to be rather harsh!).  so, i bailed on my yoga class & tooled around chi-town instead, lol!  i hope corinna, my very understanding yoga instructor, won’t mind too much. 🙂

   what?  a girlie  can’t {bleep} follow her {bleep} bliss or what? (sorry, i couldn’t resist a gordon reference, haha)…  so that’s what i did today, instead of going  home right away, doing yoga & then getting a bunch of studio wips done! i made the executive decision (all of 5 minutes!) that “home stuff” just had to wait.  especially since yesterday my sis, niece & are were literally rained on…buckets & buckets of rain, which curtailed the amount of mischief we planned to do.  today’s (mostly) sunny skies were so, well, enticing that i just had to play a little hooky & frolic, hehehe. 

anyway, i wondered what to do about the TIME.  it wasn’t even 9 o’clock yet when i heard the radio announcement about his book signing, which didn’t start until 1pm btw!  oh well, i figured i’d take my time & mosey around some places (which i will talk about in a separate post)…you know, revisit some of my ol’ stompin’ grounds. here are some pix i took while i was driving around chi-town, trying to kill time…    as some of you may have already gathered, i am a FREAK for flowers, gardening, etc…(& no, i did not see any “balls”, hehehe…a reference to something i said when i had visited this sista of mine in dc).

naturally, i did do a little bit of shopping…but i want to save that for show n tell sunday, ‘cuz this week’s challenge is your fave shop

 finally the time arrived for me to head down toward the old marshall field’s building…now macy’s.  it was very strange to see macy’s splashed everywhere on this historic place.  it has been known as the “the fields’ building” FOREVER!  i fought traffic & made my way to a pay lot for parking.  i know, i broke down & forked over the mega bucks to park the jeep just a couple of blocks from macy’s…i didn’t want to be late & i wasn’t sure if there were going to be a mob scene there. 

called my sis & dh to let them know the little “detour(s)” i’d made.  my sis, in particular, was excited, since she, too, is a fan of his.  she & i have this running joke about inserting some “gordon-isms” into our conversations…like, “yes” tagged at the end of an utterance or say “bleep” when using a choice word or two, hehehe.  it’s all in fun & we are ridiculously giddy whenever we slip into that “gordon” mode. 

made my way down to the housewares dept & there were about a kajillion peeps in line already!  OMG.  let’s just say that all four corners of that lower atrium level were roped off!  gordon ramsay killed it as far as record book sales in one entire afternoon! 

i patiently waited, as with a million or so of my BFFs for about an hour & a half.  while i waited, i managed to get in some quick yoga poses, mostly tree posture (a modified version).  i guess, i was feeling a twinge of guilt for ditching my yoga class earlier…but i think in the end it was a small sacrifice. 🙂 i really did not know what to expect.  from his shows, i thought him a little bit intimidating.  after all, he has a rep for having a short fuse & cursing like a truck driver.  at least that is what we see on his tv shows.  

when i got in closer range of him, i was very surprised to see that he looked much more youthful than he appears on tv.  i’m sorry, but on tv, he looks older & also, deceptively short- statured.  boy, was i wrong on both counts.  camera flashes were going off in every direction, you’d have thought the papparazzi were there.  but he seemed not to mind.  he did look a bit harried with what the throngs of people waiting in line, clamoring for his attention.  must get a little bit daunting to have to keep signing countless autographs & imparting pleasantries with a seemingly endless stream of fans. his handlers (for lack of a better term) seemed to have kept things moving along at an efficient pace…         

  (i apologize for the blurry pix…my flash was being tempermental & so i ended up taking all but a couple without flash) 

when it was my turn, he was uber friendly & personable. i was half expecting him to be “surly” like his tv persona.  what an unexpected & totally pleasant surprise when he wasn’t.  & what’s more, the man has such incredibly vivid blue eyes!  wow, he is rather quite attractive too!  yowza!!! who would have thunk that he would be such a hottie IRL, lol!  i think i have become his number one fan, hahaha! 

what?  a girlie can’t {bleep} appreciate {bleep} eye candy when she {bleep} sees one?  but seriously…he was not bad on the ol’ eyes at all!

i can tell you that when i got up this morning, gordon ramsay was not even in the brain cells. not an inkling.   & then by a complete quirky twist of fate, i end up meeting ol’ blue eyes…isn’t that just something? 

on the way back toward the car, i noticed that i had parked a block away from here.   it was one of my fav places to go to back in the day.  i saw that they were having an edward hopper exhibit.  i have always admired his work.  well, since my whole day was already thrown off, what the heck, you know?  i just threw caution to the wind & headed to the show.  picture taking or sketching weren’t allowed at the show, but i am so glad that i decided to go in & see.  it was incredible to see this modern master’s work up close & personal.  i can truthfully say that he is up there on my most fave & inspirational artist list.  did you know that he was basically self-taught watercolor & oil painter?  simply remarkable.  there is hope yet for all of us self-taught artists! 

what a complete treat to my artistic soul.  his watercolor sketches make me want to break out my brushes again!  ahhh…soon i tell myself…when school finally lets out!

 (photo of building advert for the funky buddha cafe)

do you think the unexpected detours were just a coincidence, weird twist of fate?   or do you think the universe or perhaps, good karma was at work here?  well, whatever it was that presented these blissful diversions to me, i’ll have more of the same please.  & i will be ever so grateful. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Brilliant!
    Good for you, sounds like you had a fab day, and I really enjoyed reading about it!

  2. Lucky you….
    we love Gordon!
    He rocks!!!!

    You are so right…he does look younger…and CUTER in person! 🙂

    Hugz, Dolly

  3. Sounds like a fantastic day you had… and even better that it was unplanned!

    I managed to meet Nigella Lawson at a signing last year (and of course blogged about it!) and love that I have a signed copy of her book. A wonderful future heirloom!

    Victoria x

  4. Wow! Way to seize the day. The pictures are awesome. He looks younger in those pics too. I’m glad you got to have such a memorable experience and still managed some tree poses 🙂

  5. you see…isn’t spontaneity grand?! i’m soooo glad that you didn’t do your routine stuff and listened to your heart and followed your BLISS!!! afterall, inspiration was all around you…the beauty of downtown, the flowers, the art institute, meeting Gordan Ramsey, all the antique shoppes you were able to find…see…it’s nice to get off the beaten tracks once in awhile…so refreshing to do things on a whim…good things happen when you let them in, huh?! what a fun-filled and FABULOUS day off…kinda nice to listen to your heart…now, wish i could start listening to that part of my heart more often…kinda hard when you have 2 energetic 6 year olds nipping at my heels…looking forward to that “one” day to seize…thanks for sharing such a great day…i LOVE living through your eyes…xoxo looney 😉

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