counting mine

 that is. 

i know that i’ve been grumbling a bit about all the end-of-the-(school) year meetings & paperwork lately & also not having enough time in the day to get to my many studio wips.  constant hectic activity will do that to you…but when i finally do get a chance to take a break, i really have to remind myself of all the loving kindness that really does come my way. 

 i’ve been working or have been working on some marie-themed arty wips, some of which were for swaps…

 & others for non-swaps, like the book collaborative i’m still working on for my lovely & uber talented bloggy pal, lisa,  who plans on publishing our collective work (lisa, myself & a few other artists).  i am quite honored to have been asked to be part of this collaborative & i really want to do my best work…but that takes a bit of time & a whole lotta concentration, you know?  i have been conceptualizing my plans for my contribution & am slowing getting things together.  not quite ready to share yet… 

 in the meanwhile, i have been receiving a few really generous & fantatstic prezzies from folks who were my assigned swap partners.  with my schedule the way it is, it’s taken me this long to give proper recognition & appreciation.  i really am grateful to have been partnered with some very thoughtful, creative pals!

 this lot came from lisa m.  (she just had a baby, so she says she has neither the time nor the energy to blog).  it was for this marie + tea-themed swap on flickr.  i sent her goodies, but i sadly forgot to take pix of what i sent her…but i assure you, she has emailed me, thanking me for all the goodies i sent her way!  i love everything lisa, especially the handmade necklace & matching earrings of your very own creation!  merci beaucoup!  🙂

 the next marie-themed swap (hosted by jaime) had to do with making a medium-large box & altering it to look like a cake a la marie-style, of course.  i posted a while back about what i made for my partner, tiffani.  & this is what she created & sent me in return>>> merci beaucoup aussi tiffani!   

 tres jolie!   & how clever of tiffani to use the “m” & “a” initials as they convienently could also be mine! 🙂

finally, the last swap that i’m going to share is actually a non-marie-themed one, hehehe!  it actually was a “mother goose” one.  it was hosted by karen who paired me up with cindy (she doesn’t have a blog, but you can find her on flickr as “thimbleprims12”).  cindy, the poor dear, has been under the weather (along with her dh) & was a little bit behind…but i assured her via emails that i had no worries!

yesterday, was such a long day at school.  & to top it off, it rained buckets…just a messy, nasty day.  i had two packages waiting for me when i finally trekked in from out of the rain…one from tiffani (above) & the other from cindy (below)>>>

 this little sweetie is named “little mary” (from mary, mary quite contrary OMG, it is so incredibly detailed & thoughfully put together.  cindy, as it turns out, is a doll artist & wowza, am i impressed!  scared of you cindy!!! xoxo

the other day, lisa emailed me to come visit her bloggy.  i was amazed, tho honored, when she awarded me with this>>>

The “Arte y Pico” award was created/made to be given out to bloggers who inspire others with there creative energy and their works, whether it be writing, artwork or more. When one receives this award it is considered a “special honor”. Once you receive this award, you are to pass it on to at least 5 others. For more info on this wonderful award pleases visit:  (wow, thanks so much lisa!!!  & also for translating to english, hehehe!!!) 🙂

while it is such a great honor to be awarded something here in bloggyland, i’m always at a bit of a loss when it is my turn to nominate others & pass the award on, particularly if there is some sort of numbers constraint. there are simply SO many amazingly talented & inspiring folk out there in the creative blogging community…i struggle so with my choices because, well, it’s hard to choose. hmmm, lemme see here.   i think i will follow suit with what lisa had done & pass this award onto 7 blogging artists, whom i respect & admire (& are friends with too!). 

~ liai’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating.  she is like a long-lost sister.  she was one of my very 1st bloggy pals-turned-blog sista when i 1st started blogging.  her art journaling & inchies are all incredibly inspiring & so genuine.  she creates from the heart & that really shines through in all her artwork.  love you girl!  xoxo

~ corey.  she, too, was one of my 1st pals from those early blogging days.  she blogs with such grace, style, insight, beauty & authenticity. she has & continues to inspire legions of readers! seriously, i am not exxagerating.   i don’t know how she does it, especially at present.  she is going through a very difficult time right now with her father being ill, but yet, she still finds the strength to impart some pearl of wisdom every day!  she is truly one of a kind, remarkable & inspirational. & bloggyland is the better for it! xoxo 

~ jes.  oh yes, another dear friend since the early days of blogging.  she is my “maine” sista, who creates such fabulously unique jewelry & altered art using found objects.  she also loves gardening as much as i do!  a total kindred soul! i am fortunate enough to have met her (& another dear pal, susan) IRL a couple of years ago when i had gone to maine for a visit.   i miss her hearty laugh & just hanging out in her quaint ol’ farmhouse over a cuppa tea & chatting the hours away!  her collaged jewelry (which i am a proud owner of a few!) is so unique & divine, just like her! xoxo 

~ melba.  her blog was one of the 1st ones that i read when i 1st entered the blogosphere in 2006.  she wrote (& continues to write) with such honesty & passion.  i just knew that i had found another kindred soul!  yes, she, too, as the others above, is in my “sister” circle of friends.  we met last fall IRL, but already “knew” each other from our respective blogs.  she is definitely someone i can count on when the need arises & that goes both ways with me too.  i cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  she has become such a dear good friend! xoxo 

~ danielle.  it was really from her that i was inspired to challenge myself & join (& then later, host) swaps where you really had to flex your creative muscles.  she, like the others before, has been a dear pal since the early days. she was one of the “firsts” to host and organize awesome art swaps in bloggyland back in those early years (at least it seemed that way to me!).  now, there are countless creative-type swaps out there. i think bloggyland owes some credit to her for starting the ball on this type of swap.  i would happily  join any swap (that is, if i make it in on time before sign-up ends, hehehe) that she dreams up!  xoxo  

~ alice.  she is someone whom i “met” last summer.  actually it was on  long story, but the gist of it is is that we had a lot of things in common>>>loved all things old, romantic & beautiful, antiquing,  gardening, creating mixed media & altered art, etc.  she is yet another kindred spirit.  i think the thing that struck me the most with her is her fantastic graphic web designs.  i have such tremendous respect & awe for those who are digitally savvy.  that alice, she has a gift!  xoxo   

~ catherine i was fortunate enough to take her classes recently & spent quite a bit of time getting acquainted with her.  i loved her work & then meeting her IRL was just icing on the proverbial cake!  🙂 she is such a dear, genuine & uber accomplished artist, who is so generous & gracious with sharing her knowledge & experience.  what a pleasure it was to get to know, spend time with & befriend her! xoxo

there are so many more that i could nominate, but i’m getting sleepy-eyed & the hubby is asking me when am i going to go to bed?  it’s time to get some shut-eye…so until next time, bonne nuit! xoxo mary ann 


5 Responses

  1. Oh dear Mary Ann….. I just love looking in on your blog~ you are so very talented! I still have my Valentine heart you sent me sitting out on my piano where I see it and admire your work each day!

  2. Mary Ann how busy you have been.
    What gorgeous swap goodies you have received.

  3. wow wow wow, everything is jusy beautiful

  4. WOW, you are blesssed for sure with all those lovely items! Enjoy creating for the Marie Round Robin!


  5. You are so right sweetie, you can ALWAYS count on me!!!!
    Ana Liza (who says Hi. She always asks about you and sends her love) and I were just talking about you the other day and trying to figuare out how we can come visit you next spring for The Southern Living event you always go to. Wouldn’t that be so much fun?!

    Love you always!

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