is it the weekend yet?

i came up for air to check on the blog…it’s been nuts & bolts over here in my world.  can i tell you that i cannot, i repeat, cannot wait until the school year ends?!  & trying to fit in as many studio wips as humanly possible…it’s wiping me out already, hehehe.  i will blog more about that after friday…i just have a slew of meetings to attend in the next couple of days…

i’ve been meaning to share these pix of the goodies i found here, my early post for friday’s finds this week.  thanks for all your sweet comments on  my slideshow…it is much more enchanting IRL!  & you have no idea how long that took for me to put together.  so your comments were greatly appreciated more than you’ll ever know!


 i have plans for these lovelies…i can’t wait!

have a great rest of the week!  see ya later in the weekend! xoxo mary ann


5 Responses

  1. Ooo I love your vintage doll parts! I have been busy creating with mine. Come visit my latest blog post called ‘Doll-a-palooza’!


  2. Oh! the doll head and hands (6th picture down) are just like my china doll! I got her as a birthday present when I turned 6. She is a replica of one that my granny had!

  3. Hi.
    Oh this time of year is always so busy for you! But summer really is just around the corner!
    I am so glad you have been treating yourself to trips! You deserve it. You are the most generous person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    Take care not to push yourself too hard!
    Love you!

  4. Couldn’t stay away for S&T Sunday! Missed the button challenge, so decided to show off my vintage buttons! You can go right over here.

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

  5. Beautiful collection of swap goodies, so many little treasures looking for a new home.

    Looking forward to seeing the results of your next swaps and collabrative projects as they are always amazingly inspiring.

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