i want candy

thank you catherine & teresa for a weekend insanely full of FABULOSITY!!!  you both are truly inspirational!  xoxo mary ann


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  1. That was an incredible slide show Mary Ann — loved it….looks like you had an incredible experience!

  2. Mary Ann, what a pleasure to meet you and spend time together in the studio, and what a studio it is! I feel incredibly fortunate to have been invited (by the fabulous Teresa Gifford) and to have warm friendly and talented people such as yourself take time out of your busy lives to be there. You made the day special for me. Thank you so much for coming!

  3. so so fun
    what fun traesire.

  4. You take the cake, Mary Ann – that was the most fabulous slide show!! I am honored to have entertained you in my shop and hope to see you again soon. What a fabulous weekend we had! Take care and keep creating!!!

  5. great stuff. Love the slideshow. thanks for sharing this with us.

    Angels be with you Dear,
    Wendy XO

  6. Oh thank you so much for a photo tour of the Assemblage Studio! I dream of going to visit someday!

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!! what a FANTASTIC slide show…every picture, every phrase…i was sitting on edge to find out what was going to be shown or said next…what a wonderful experience and to meet such inspirational and magnificent artists…i wish i was a fly on the wall soaking in all that creative karma going on in the air…ohhhhh…all the pretty things in the shoppe and all the neat beauty being created…what a lucky soule you are! thanks so much for sharing such a treasure chest of wonders…would love to catch the next bus to that sweet place soon…LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! xoxo jo aka loon 😉

  8. Hi Mary Ann!

    What a gorgeous slideshow – what a fabulous time!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my book!

    Big Hugs!


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