early bird special

since i won’t be around this weekend, i thought i’d better post my pix for show n tell sundaysi don’t want to miss out on sharing my vintage *B*L*I*N*G*, hehehe…so here you go>>> my humble li’l collection consists mainly of sparkly costume jewelry.  i’m not sure when i started collecting these gems, but i can tell you that i picked the majority of what you see for a song!  i have a couple of favorite secret sources, hehehe…but that is for me to know & you all to find out! 🙂

 i like to incorporate a vintage piece whenever at all possible into my artwork for a bit of unexpected delight

 & of course, BLING! 

 the crystal is actually an old broken doorknob that i got for 50 cents…my most favorite find!  i use it as a sort of objet d’art in the studio… it’s likely from the 1920s.  i just absolutely love it.

 i found this bejeweled gold case also for a mere 50 cents.  it is absolutely the perfect size to hold my biz cards. tee hee hee… the adorable turquoise rhinstone piece was actually given to me by leslie, one of the sweet participants of my swap that i am trying to wrap up (looooong story for another time). 

 many of the vintage bling that you see here are clip earrings and brooches.  i can’t imagine wearing clip ons as i have pierced ears since i was a tiny babe.  but the clips sure do come in handy when i want to attach them to an art project.  so very convenient, you know?

 i usually store my sparkly bits in sweet little vessels like this makeshift lidded teacup (also partially pictured in my blog banner above).  the lid did not actually come with the teacup…it likely came from a sugar decanter…but i am such a sucker for that robin’s egg blue, that i scooped up the lone lid for, i believe, a quarter.   i had bought the teacup on a separate antiquing jaunt & remembered that i had that lid…& wouldn’t you know that the lid fit so nicely into the teacup?  🙂 i just love making serendipitous discoveries, don’t you? & i decided to throw these retro blinged-up eggs & miniature teapot into the mix, hehehe.  i reckon they are c. 1970s?  anyway, i thought the pearls, sequins, gold trim & tassels fit the theme rather nicely. 

thanks cerri & analise for the fun challenge! 🙂 check out the flickr group to get your *B*L*I*NG* on!

see ya when we get back from a very fun & artful weekend herexoxo mary ann 


14 Responses

  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a HUGE+SWEET collection of gems!!!!!!!!! you sure have the eye to find that “bling” wish i was with you when you found these treasures…maybe next time, huh?! the pink eggs are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE all the photo shots…perfect eye for perfect JEWELS!

    have an awesome time and RELAX and have great R&R with your big guy!!!!!!! better take awesome pixs and knock their socks off! can’t wait to hear all about your adventures…xoxo loon 😉

  2. OMG Mary-ann…..I’m just DROOLING over here!! LOVE all of the bling, such a fabulous collection!!

    So how are you girl??? As you can see I’m getting back on the computer more! Just trying to catch up with everyone!! (I’ve been days and days at this compuetr!!!)

    We’ve finally had a nice week here in Maine….you know how it is here! (though not looking forward to mud season!!) Hope to get in the kayak this weekend….

    So glad to see that you’re doing well! Glad you had fun at Lia’s. Wish I could have made it….maybe next time! I’m going to NY in May to see Hope, Dawn, Leslie & Kathleen. Dawn is preggars so I can’t wait to see the bump!

    Let’s chat soon!

    ~Jes xoxoxox

  3. wow! what a great collection. My favorite is the turquoise rhinestone piece… gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So much eye candy, very delectable!!!

  5. Oh wow! I can’t quit ooohing and ahhhing! It’s all gorgeous, you have some great finds. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I had to come see your blog after seeing your bling on flickr! Wow! What a beautiful collection!

  7. Wow! Everything is so great. It makes me want to go out and find some bling right now!

  8. Your BLING!!!! is just wonderful so many beautiful piece’s you have a great eye for design also. Thanks for sharing all you BLING!!!!


  9. Great post on bling!
    Thank you for sharing your treasures with us, you are so lucky to be able to find these little darlings and they are lucky that you are finding a new way for them to sparkle.

  10. what beautiful treasures. I love them all.


  11. What gorgeous bling bling. Love the dragonfly!

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

  12. Oh my, you’ve got the bling for sure! Love it all, thanks for sharing!

  13. Gorgeous vintage jewels!
    Thanks for playing along!
    ~Cerri xo

  14. Whoa – what gorgeous finds AND you have such a terrific way of putting them altogether. Gorgeous!!!

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