show ‘n’ tell sundays {hankies}

analise & cerri both have started this fun collecting group on flickr where every sunday we get to show off our collections of a specific & pre-determined category.  i didn’t do last week’s because i was out of town visiting my dear friend & blog sista, lia.  anyhoo, this week, the theme is “hankies”…  which i actually do have a small, but sweet collection. 

when i was a single gal living in chi-town, i used to scour the thrift stores (especially the one that was a few blocks away from my “bachorette pad”, hehehe) & antique shops for vintage linens, which included hankies.  at the time, i specifically collected white or off-white linens only.  i have an assortment which i have kept in vintage valises. at the time, i was very much influenced by the british colonial style.  i used to pick up all these leather suitcases for a song (we’re talking a buck or two, not the highway robbery prices that you might see in today’s market!).  ask my dh, i have a whole stack of them in our back room!  i don’t dare throw those out (are you kidding me?!!) because, i still plan to use them for storage again.  the house we live in now has so much storage places that i really didn’t need to use my old valises like i had when we lived in the old farmhouse in maine. 

anyway, i digress…over the years, i started to include floral prints & embroidered hankies. 

 & very recently, started adding my current color obsessions, soft pinks & blues, into my collection of these delicate & dainty texiles.

  instead of my old valises, i store my sweet hankies in this vintage quilted box (a comestic box, perhaps? not sure what these are called…but i’ve been finding these a lot lately too, hehehe)   or i could put them in these silken beauties…i think they may actually be for lingerie or hosiery (btw, who wears nylons anymore?!!)…

compared to other things i collect, my hankie collection is very modest.  but very sweet & just right for me.

now let’s check out other delightful hankie collections here, shall we?


9 Responses

  1. Hi MaryAnn!

    Oh, I am loving the beautiful colors of your hankys!! Great collection!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us today!!

  2. so so fun. i knew you would have some lovley hankies.

  3. What pretty hankies. Love all the white ones. It is just amazing to see all of the work and detail in them.

  4. Oh my GOSH! I have such serious hanky envy……….I love love love that little hanky with the small aqua flowers on it!!!!! And those gloves with the flower embroidered on the index finger – gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your pretty collection – love your blog.

  5. Isn’t that how all collections start … just a few special ones, and then a few more? Love your hankies!

  6. You have such a pretty collection! I’m not entirely certain since I can’t see them in person, but I believe that your quilted box and silk envelopes might actually be hankie boxes and cases. Wouldn’t it be funny if you had put them in their proper place without even realizing it?

  7. Such a beautiful collection. You can tell that you hand picked each and every one of them. They are each a work of art. Karen

  8. Mary Ann, I just stopped back to say, that I wrote a thank you on my post today. Your inspiration always makes me smile. Please stop by and find your thank you. Karen

  9. I just love your collection and the hankie box is beautiful.


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