oh the thrill of the hunt

the past couple of days have been hectic (what else is new, right?)…i have been trying to get caught up on my studio wips as well as my school caseload (only about a month left of school, can you believe it?!!!!)…but to give myself a break, i treated myself to some “treasure-hunting” time, hehehe.  i’ve been talking back & forth with my sis looney as well as lia about searching for some fun stuff.    my sis is brewing up plans for her very 1st swap in her sweet marie group.  she is waiting for my itty bitty book swap to be completed (i’m still waiting on pages from overseas to arrive before i can finally wrap things up!) & it’s going to be along similar lines (hint: another itty bitty!), except en francais, bien sur! 🙂  lia is excited because she, too, has a long-time love affair with anything sparkly, gorgeous & romantic.  so, stay tuned, i will be announcing my sister’s upcoming swap in the not too distant future!

oh yes, getting back to my antiquing adventures, i found these wonderful finds at my local thrift & antique shops. check it out>>> loads of sewing notions that i got for a song &  will make their way here very soon!

  some sweet wallpaper for .49-.99 cents apiece!  a vintage hatbox ($12 usd) & lovely bolt of soft flannel print (gotten for 5 bucks!)

  i already have all sorts of plans for this sweet fabric.  as well as these, which i found for a buck apiece.  yippee!

   my sister’s obsession with all things french as well as my current marie-themed wips have my eye trained to search out for pretties like these above. 


  aren’t these vintage favors & cards just too precious to pass up?  they were all had for .50 cents to $4.       when i was perusing the aisles of the antique mall, i drooled over this old royal typewriter, despite a bit of sticker shock, hehehe.  one day, i will own this, lol! 

 at the same mall, i came across this dealer’s booth.  i thought i had a TON of buttons…this dealer beats all, i think!  would you just look at all this?  yowza!   

next door to the antique mall is a scrapbook place.  they held a “garage sale”.  talk about stampede & out of control! i never saw so much frantic HOGGING, pushing & shoving going on!  it was nuts & bolts (as my sis & i would say!).  honestly, it was as if the world were going to end.  folks actually brought their own cardboard boxes & started shoving everything in sight.  really sad.  but through it all, i managed a small gathering of gently used & even new supplies>>>  i even found some things for my sis & lia (who did actually wanted me to search for them).  but, i won’t show pix, ‘cuz it’s a bit of a surprise.  hee-hee. 🙂

it was a nice diversion (except for the hoggy-rude folks at the garage sale!) from all the hustle & bustle at school & in my studio.   i have been a little bit neglectful of my friday’s finds group, but now i have some cool stuff to add in the photo pool. 🙂

stay tuned also…i have some hankies to share in a bit!



8 Responses

  1. ooo, your blues and pinks are gorgeous!

  2. Oh, this made me miss my Great Grandma! She always had a hanky in her purse and she had a drawerful of them in her dressing table. I loved to take them out and look at all the different ones.


  3. You have some beautiful hankies!! The square quilted boxes were for storing your hankies, so you’re right on track there! :0)
    I adore them and have a few!
    Thanks for playing along today!
    ~Cerri xo

  4. a lovely treasure…

  5. Take me shopping with you! I so love it all!!
    You have exquisite taste, a great scavenging eye and wonderful luck!
    The trifecta of thrifting! 🙂

  6. How are your Marie round robin pages coming along for Lisa? You always make such wonderful finds! I wish we had great antique shops like that here in Canada! Sandyxox

  7. Wow! You really made out! I am still trying to get my tongue rolled back into my mouth from seeing that load of buttons. Oh my!

    Our local SBS just had their garage sale too. I passed on this one (my mom went) and my long arms and height sure help out when I do go. Helps my mom too cause she’s a little squirt. They have STRICK rules now, if you get nasty, they kick your butt out. It has taken years for them to get to the somewhat “nice” place. I think I usually intimidate most, although I am always nice and use my long limbs to help others and find myself explaining items to those who need help. But DON’T mess with my squirt mama, or I might get ugly. lol!

    I find that you and Jo have really made me start obsessing about all things Marie. I had to pass on some overly priced lovelies last week, but I know Jo would have forked out the cash. Thanks for passing my message along to her! Wish I was the third sister!

    Have a great day and try to relax!

  8. man….when you say studio…we’re talking more than just a lil’ corner of your world…it’s like you’re walking into a GIGNORMOUS WAREHOUSE!!!!!!!! you have neat stuff ALLLLLLLLLOVER and I could spend days getting lost in your treasures….what BEAUTIFUL HANKIES and FINDS! thanks so much for thinking of me in your adventurous hikes to hunt down neat stuff…i’ve got to start thinking about BARGAIN HUNTING instead of like what sweet Rhonda mentioned that i’d surely “fork out the CASH!” (Oh, sweet Rhonda…you really know me already! y’know…i already feel that you truly can be our SISTER too!!!!!!! Our LONG, LOST, Sweet French SISTER of ours!!!!!!!!!! So, yup…you fit just fine in our sisterhood!!!!!)

    Yes, Rhonda…i know what you mean…i have been dreaming about everything MARIE and FRENCH…all this positive French thinking has all of our UNIVERSES aligned to find those French beauties…

    Thanks, Reya, for sharing such great finds and your wonderful collections of hankies, buttons, etc…can’t wait to see what’ll be for next week! xoxo jo aka looney 😉

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