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is it possible to already know someone even before you have ever met face to face? 

from the moment lia  met me at the baggage claim, it felt like we had known each other FOREVER!  seriously. i mean, we had connected through our blogs since 2006, sent a kajillion emails & yakked on the phone for hours.  but when we met IRL, it was as if we already known each other for eons!  my flight got into dc at around 9 am last friday & i think we hadn’t had a pause in our conversation until 4 pm that afternoon (because that was around the time her kids came home from school, lol)!  OMG!  we were talking & laughing nonstop the whole time…heck the whole weekend!  isn’t that just incredible?  it’s like we were sisters long lost at birth. :)i told lia’s hubby that i hadn’t stopped smiling since we left the airport!

i made this little itty bitty book (since i have that handy dandy binding machine, hehehe) to give to lia…& she was thrilled to bits!  🙂  it always warms my heart whenever i can spread some joy.

we are alike in so many ways, have the same tastes, values & senses of humor…  we totally get one another! 🙂 omg, how awesome, you know?  her family is simply too cute too!  it was sheer delight spending time with lia & her fam.  what a wonderful time we had.  we had so much we wanted to do, sites to see & places to go.  but one weekend was absolutely NOT ENOUGH!  waaah!!!!!  it went by so quickly…you know how they say time flies when you are having fun?  well, that definitely was the case here! 

what’s more, seeing lia’s artwork up close & personal was such a treat. BONUS!  she is amazingly talented!  i loved being able to touch her work & hear all the stories behind each piece.  she is an inspiration, truly.  you go grl!  not only is she all that, but she is also wicked generous!

 she totally spoilt me.  she even got me my very first moleskine book because she wants me to get back into art journaling.  when i first ventured into the blogosphere, i dabbled some mixed media collages.  after seeing her fabulous journals, i am inspired to return to that kind of art & start doing more of that.  i told her that in the past i have kept sketch books when i used to draw & paint regularly…so she is nudging me to go back at it again.  🙂 i, in turn, helped her “get focused” (so she says).  as normally she has 101 things going on in every which direction.  & not to mention a bottomless load of laundry that she is forever doing it seems, lol!    

lia, i learned to my utter delight, is a hoarder collector of all things beautiful & vintage…just like me, hehehe!  i helped her sort out her vast collection of vintage buttons, many of which came from her mother, who was a seamstress back in the day.  it was complete heaven “shopping” in her warehouse of vintage paraphernalia!  hee-hee. another bonus was getting to see & touch all her vintage treasures that she has amassed over the decades…why go to an antique mall, when you can just go over  to lia’s house?  🙂

  would you just look at all this gorgeous bling?!

& look at all these fab-o goodies she so generously bestowed on me (as well as my sis jo too):

  she has a ton of vintage wallpaper, fabrics, bling & other fripperie…oooh, those will definitely come in handy for some marie wips i have waiting for me in the studio. she even gave me this vintage crotched pillow sham, too cute for words.

we didn’t get a chance to go to my alma mater (though we had planned to go as that was actually on our agenda for the weekend).  but you know how it is…you get caught up in having too much fun & time escapes you?  we were too wicked busy visiting, crafting, laughing our butts off & watching those crazy, but addictive, lifetime movies.  how hilarious when we discovered that we both liked to craft with those crazy lifetime flicks playing in the background.  lia’s family couldn’t believe that there was somebody else that did that too like their mom, lol.  

  we did, tho, manage to go to the mall (where i found, btw, this uber fragrant & yummy cherry blossom tea) & also make our way to the cherry blossom fest, which was already underway, where we met oh, about a million or so of our “best friends.” OMG. i don’t recall the cherry blossoms attracting such a mob scene back during my school days.  oh well, at least we got to see them before the blossoms starting falling to the ground.  it was challenging, to say the least, to take some decent shots of the blossoms & the tidal basin.   but as i said, there was a mob scene (& as lia would say,  setting up camp & having their last supper!) & we both did the best under the circumstances.  at one point during my attempts to capture the blossoms in their spectacular glory, some random guy felt free to get in my picture.  how rude.  so now i have this person in my pix for all posterity.  well, i can always photoshop him out, eh?  lia teased me some about going mad over the FLOWERS!  i kept telling her that it was “BROWN” & “YUCK” in cheeseland. & spring has already sprung in dc!  what really got her into hysterics was when i spotted this beautiful vignette of blue glass gazing balls by the old smithsonian (museum).  i said to lia, “wait, i gotta take pix of the BALLS!”  she just about lost it right there in the garden.  it goes without saying that we made a little scene.  well, didn’t i predict that we were going to get into mischief, hehehe? 

  before we hopped on the metro to head for the mall, i asked lia if the carousel was still there.  she said that she did not remember one being there, but it had been awhile since she has been there with her kids.  after the “balls” incident, i spotted the cheerful blue & yellow top of the carousel & made lia go for a ride.  it was wicked fun, tho maybe just a tad bit dizzying, hehehe…it was fantastic to see everyone’s faces light up with sheer joy.  lia snapped away & took some cute pix of me on my little horsie, lol.  it was kinda hard to snap pix during the ride because you really had to hang onto the reigns. 

 we got turned around a bit, trying to get to the cherry blossom fest.  there were so many people milling about everywhere.  gorgeous day (thanks gary aka bruno, lia’s dh…& oh lia, ahem, did you remember to thank him for his good call?!).  one of the side benefits of walking aimlessly around the mall was that we sure did get a great cardio…our legs should be buff after all that walking we did, hehehe.  we finally made our way to the blossoms…but the crowds…they were just a bit too much, ya know? 

all weekend, we kept saying how we wished that we lived near each other!  she really was such a hoot to hang out with.  we are 2 peas in the pod, aren’t we lia?  hahaha!  yep,  the dh & i will have to go back & visit asap!  only the next time, we will plan on a longer visit. okay?!  i miss that phenomenal soul sista already!!!

somehow, i don’t think it was a coincidence that our paths crossed.  xoxo mar


7 Responses

  1. Oh-EM-GEEEEEEE…..what a fab. post!! you got it all down to the “balls” story…rofl!!! wow, I got to re-live the trip with this post!! I “pressed erase” on the mob scene…wooo, there were truly and exceptional number of folks down thar! Ok, off I go to get back to my laundry…lol…hope you didn’t take pics of that…eeegads!!!!! well, talkatoyasoon!!!!!! xoxoxo L.

  2. oh wow Im so happy for you both ~ it must have been sooooooooooooo wonderful, you had an amazing time big hugs to you both ((((Judy)))) xxxx

  3. WoW!! What a brilliant adventure, and how wonderful that you have finally met in person! So exciting! Yay for blog sistas!! 😀 Loving all the gorgeous photo’s too – you have the patience of a saint, Mar, putting all those wonderful mosaics together! Such an uplifting post – thanks for sharing it all with us. Big Love, Suze xXx

  4. Yay for spring Maryann! It’s getting it’s way here too…I think…lol!

    Love your creations…and that swap box is so delightful!

  5. Fantastic to see that you had a good time with Lia. She’s such a lovely person and it was nice to read of your adventure from your side. You wrote so much and took lots of great pictures. I had not been on your blog before but I will be sure to pop back again 🙂

  6. Fantastic post full of all kinds of beautiful creations.

    That book sure has wetted my appitite for more, please share with us your favorite pages and what it is inspiring within you?

  7. oh, my!!!!! what a fantastic adventure you had REYA with LIA!!!!!!! wish i was there with you two…oh, the trouble we would get into?!!!! LIA…you’re absolutely gorgeous, just gorgeous…and such a liking to her…MINNIE DRIVER…love ALL the sweet pixs of your picturesque town and the journal pages are just fab!!! thanks again for ALL of my surprises that you sent to me…LOVE each every one…they will definitely be used for so many creative projects…soooo PERFECT! xoxo jo 😉

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