still alive, just super busy!


just a quick post to say happy wednesday!   after being off for a week,  it has been in a word, NUTS around here!  haha! & i’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, lol,  getting ready for the back to school grind (loads of meetings this week & every week until june….aaack!) as well as packing for my little trip to visit this fabulous gal

my biggest motivator in going back to school is that by tomorrow afternoon, i will be heading to chi-town again, only this time, it’s to visit the family for a bit & then take my long-awaited, hugely anticipated flight early friday. (i am sooooooo excited!!!!)   just a little heads up because after tomorrow, i will be “MIA” for a few days.   i promise you  a full report upon my return! 🙂 xoxo mary ann


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  1. Hi Maryann, I am Miss Sandy from Quill Cottage. I came by to say that I received your sweet little hat in the Hanging Up Springtime Swap! It is just darling! I love the tiny ruffle and bit of glitter and the feather is the perfect touch! I see you got my hat as well! My next post will feature your super sweet little creation along with the other items I received. It was very nice swapping with you!

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