big things come in little packages

have been working towards wrapping up my itty bitty book swap collaborative (among other things!) since the family left a couple days ago. i can’t believe that a week from now, i will be here>>>clesterlefkowitzgettyimages.jpg (copyright photo by lester lefkowitz/getty images)

likely getting into all sorts of lovely mischief with my blog sis lia! 🙂

crichardtnowitzcorbis.jpg  (copyright photo by richard t. nowitz/corbis) it’s been over 10 years since i last was there.  i used to live & go to school there.  to escape my laborious studies, i often went to “the mall”…to visit the national gallery (my fav), the lincoln & viet nam war memorials & all the other museums there…i used to walk from the washington monument to the capitol building.  one of my most fondest memories was walking along the parkway & just being intoxicated by the glorious array of cherry blossoms.cmedfordtaylorgettyimages.jpg (copyright photo by medford taylor/getty images)

it’s cherry blossoms week there starting today.  oh i do hope that i will get there in time to see them in their full glory.  they are one of things that i do miss from my time there. 


still waiting on a couple of late swappers’ pages for the itty bitty swap.  but i decided to get somewhat of a jump on the binding process. after all i have 31 books to manually bind! 




  i figured that when the last 2 sets of pages do finally reach my hands, i will just add them on.  so i started with my set of copies.  it turned out better than i ever expected, OMG! 

imagine,  FABULOSITY never fit so nicely in the palm of your hand…ittybitties6.jpg

the gals in the swap will be shrieking with sheer delight, hehehe!ittybitties7.jpg  the contributions from all the talented artists (which i have received so far) have been, in a word, OUTSTANDING!  i am so grateful for & appreciative of everyone’s hard work & effort!  🙂


ittybitties9.jpg  just some treats for each contributing artist to sweeten the deal…

to shift gears slightly, i received some little pretties in the mail the other day.  it was from sarah, who hosted the hanging out springtime swap


the dress was made by eleanor; the hat by sandy; bloomers by catieann; gloves by mahala aka craftyhala on flickr; birdie by chelise and butterfly by sadie.  thank you ladies!!!  they are already hanging sweetly in the dining room. 🙂


oh yes, i just heard that my niece’s traveling journal (aka the isabel project) is in jaime‘s hands, who is from toronto, canada.  soon, it will be heading back stateside.  so melanie, be on the lookout for the journal. 🙂

welp, it’s back to the sweatshop for me…i’ve got some more binding to do!  have a great weekend! xoxo mary ann


6 Responses

  1. Ouuu Mary Ann, I can’t wait to receive my Itty Bitty Book!

    Thank you so much for doing this swap!

    Have a great weekend,
    Hugz, Dolly

  2. aahh cherry blossoms, gorgeous!!
    sweet smell.
    i love all the bitty blue books, wow big job.
    and your clothesline is divine. that was a fun swap.
    have a great weekend.

  3. I will be in Washington DC next Sunday! I looked at these lovely pictures and got so excited. Thank you. Monday and Tuesday I will be at a conference my company is having. Sunday I will be there early and plan on taking lots of pictures and then into Georgetown shopping and definately enjoying the Cherry Blossoms. I have nebver been and just can not wait. Saurday i hear is the actual Cherry Blossom festival who knew I would have gone in then! Have a great time…I will also! Grace

  4. I got your butterfly and you have my gloves!
    I can’t wait to get the book…look at all that blue. So pretty!

  5. I LOVE DC – I spent 6 months there when I was 19 and I loved every minute of it.
    I am SO anxious to see the books – they are going to be absolutely stunning.

  6. Congratulations on the itty bitty blue swap, all the pages are looking like fabulous little creations. Sorry we had to sit this one out but sometimes, life does get a little busy but looking foward to watching the progress.

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