flicking off “fear”

about this time last year, i wrote this post.  at that time, i had just returned to blogging after a brief hiatus.  it was a post about “copying” (among other things).  specifically, copying of other’s works or ideas.  it is a sad reality of life.  it happens ALL* THE *TIME, unfortunately.   i am having to address it once again, especially after having visited a pal’s blog & then reading about someone(s) having copied something of hers.  it just stirred me up so as that particular subject gets my blood boiling.  this issue was also discussed at some length at that cl event i recently attended with my sister.

imitation, they say,  is the highest form of flattery.

come on! who are they kidding?!  i don’t know about you, but it is very distressing, disconcerting, off-putting, etc., etc.  to see blatant copying going on, especially if it’s your work that’s being copied!

i won’t rehash what i wrote in my previous post from a year ago, but i will say this:  copying, as maddening as it is,  is inevitable, especially if something you have painstakingly & not to mention proudly created WORKS.  yes, even the experts say that success more often than not becomes fodder for the imitators. they see something new & unique that is a big hit & BAM!  you see everyone & their brother replicating your original work.  sad, but oh so true.  even the experts would agree.  that’s why protecting yourself & your products are so important.  copyrighting, however,  won’t stop all copiers from replicating your work because some will still continue to copy (the buggers!)…but it will give you legal rights to protecting your products from copyright infringement.   & did you know that copyright infringement can lead to jail time?

while you cannot copyright an idea, per se, you can, however, copyright your actual product designs.  you can go one of 2 ways:  retain a copyright attorney  OR register a copyright yourself.  the latter is WAY cheaper than the former (compare aprrox. $30 DIY vs. $350+/hr with an attorney!) & there are a number of sites online where you can file for copyright.  just type in “copyright” & see the many sites that pop up.   it may be tedious & a bit costly, particularly if you have quite a few products to copyright, but it is, nevertheless, a worthwhile measure for you & the survival of your business!

having said that, i should also go on to say that (& some experts may also agree) is to not let yourself get bogged down by the copiers!  being fearful of sharing your creations with the world will only hamper your creativity & stunt the growth of your business as well.  you must just accept the fact that copying as one fo those harsh facts of life and to take comfort in & have confidence knowing that YOU are the CREATIVE GENIUS behind your creations and products.  that’s something that can’t be so easily copied.  you will always be one step ahead of the copiers, who are just waiting/watching to see what you come up with next! 

also on the same note, just because there are imitations (of your stuff) out there, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the BEST.  so that is why you need to continually strive to be the BEST, UNIQUE & ORIGINAL of whatever it is that you do.  if you concentrate on these things rather than on fear, your products/business will stand out and buyers will be drawn to them/it.  your business will thrive & become successful because you resisted reacting fearful about the whole copying dilemma.  it may not seem like it at first, but once you flicked off fear & it’s no longer a part of your business mindset, then you are well on your way to the road to success.  & don’t forget, today’s buyers are quite savvy & know the real deal when they see one.  

so never fear.  stay focused.  be GENUINE.  know that you are a  CREATIVE GENIUS.  embrace the challenge to be the BEST.  

xoxo mary ann


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  1. You couldn’t have possibly said it better Mary Ann!

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