{p} soup


monique greenwood was one of the fascinating panelists who shared her secrets to success at the recent country living women entreprenuers event that my sis & i attended.  she graciously offered her recipe for success, {p} soup. 

   shininghours_letterp_th.jpg lan & prepare.  do your homework.  learn everything you can.  take courses if you have to.

shininghours_letterp_th.jpg atience & persistence.  grow your business slowly.  know that there will be ups & downs.  don’t give up so easily.  “no” is your vitamin.

shininghours_letterp_th.jpgassion & purpose.  love what you do & forge ahead with purpose.  give away free stuff from time to time…to show customer appreciation as well as attract interest in your business.

shininghours_letterp_th.jpg ositive people.   surround yourself with them!

shininghours_letterp_th.jpg at on the back.  don’t forget to give yourself credit for all your hard work, effort & dedication.  you deserve recognition.  you earned it!

mix all ingredients well & enjoy the fruits of your labour!

pretty sound advice if you asked me, don’t you think?



One Response

  1. great advice, thanks for sharing! when things get tough sometimes it’s hard to stay focused!
    just found you on flickr ~ love your beautiful things! xo

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