studio wip & other tales

hope you had a more relaxing easter weekend than i! 

ever since the dh dismantled part of my studio (to put in some plumbing lines), i have been doing major damage control, hehehe!  i got so preoccupied with restoring some sembalance of order over the weekend that time escaped me (as well as energy) to get to the blog.  so much to do, yet so little time…yeh, that is the story of my life it seems these days.

 it’s my family’s turn to come visit us for a few days this week.  they will be here later today.  cleaning & preparing for their arrival also ate away my time this weekend.  i had good intentions to post pix about the lovely tea at the drake the other day, but as i have said, just too much to do & so very little time.

but before the family descends upon us, i will type this post (finally, i know!) bec. i have a feeling that i will not have much time when they do get here.


last weekend, as i previously mentioned was just wonderful, despite the car trouble & subsequent repair that occurred.  my sister, looney, & i attended the fab country living women entrepreneur event, which i have previously posted a couple posts back.  i forgot to mention that we had a little side adventure after the we event.  my sis wanted to go to this shop called p.o.s.h. as she is gaga over anything french.  she said that it was near the hotel where the we event was held.  after sitting the whole afternoon at the seminar, walking a bit sounded like a good idea.  as we walked in search of p.o.s.h., i was reminded of my days as a single gal in chi-town back in the day.  we walked around the gold coast area & memories just flooded in, you know.  gosh, it seems like eons since i palled around with my sister or walk by familiar streets & landmarks.  like this place>>>    

chitown6.jpg  back in the day, my sisters, my gal pals & i would go here (tho i am not much of a dancer!)…actually, in the back of this local danceteria, was a place called “the dome room” (now defunct for some time).  it was a very “in” place at the time & i remember my sis looney dragging me to go with her as she was the dancing machine in the family, hehehe.  {sigh}… to be young, single & fancy free again, eh?

another memory trigger was this>>>chitown1.jpg i was (& still am) a huge blues (& jazz too!) fan.  every summer, chicago throws a wicked cool blues fest.  before the dh & i left chicago to relocate to maine, i used to love when we’d go hear a live band.  there are about a trillion, hehehe, blues bars in the city & surrounding town.  i love love love blues you don’t know.  when we lived in maine, live blues music was one of the things that i missed about leaving chi-town.  now, we live closer & i can drive in whenever the mood strikes (& i have time for!).  🙂 

chitown3.jpg after the we event, my sis & i headed toward the “el” station, which was across the street.  on our way to the train, i said to my sis, OMG, isn’t that what-his-name??  (pause) uh, the frontera grill guy?!  he & a friend stopped to look at this shop window & he was within inches from us.  i’d recognize that goatee anywhere!  i called my hubby & said, what’s that guy’s name who we just saw cooking up mexican food on pbs?!  rick bayless, was his reply.  by the time  i heard that, rick bayless started walking away, likely heading toward his restaurant.  my dh wanted me to get his pix, but he was already heading down the block.  oh well…that was our momentary brush with fame, hehehe. 

i actually have been to his restaurant, tho this was before i met my dh.  i went on a blind date & this is where my date decided to take me.  the food was memorable (i can still taste the spicy black beans as if it were yesterday…they were tasty!), tho the date wasn’t.  i think his name was “craig” (kinda foggy, as it was one & only date we went on), but i do remember thinking that he seemed nice, but really no sparks, you know?  like a brother almost.  & he was 2 years younger than me, not that that was an issue or anything. but still, i thought i’d give it a chance.  i have no idea what we even talked about.  i do remember stuffing my face a lot during our date, lol.  he was so insistent on paying for our dinner (i was prepared to pay my own meal).  but his credit card was declined (how embarrasing!) & i actually ended up paying for our meal!  needless to say, there wasn’t a second date. 

funny how seeing a building, smelling certain smells or hearing a particular song or music, can transport you to a different time instantaneously?  that’s what our little field trip was turning out for me…a little trip down memory lane…& we still hadn’t found that p.o.s.h. place either!!  we stopped by a starbucks & asked if they knew where the shop was…the gals did not.  both our feet were killing us as we walked about 6 or 7 blocks.  so we hailed a cab to take us to the train station.  we knew we’d be back in the area the next day.   when we got back to my sister’s, she logged online & saw that we were off one street over!  omg, no wonder we couldn’t find the blasted place, lol!    

the next day comes & my little niece “bon bon” was so excited about our “girls day out”.  my sis dressed her up in this cute outfit.  it was blustery outside, so my sis said instead of taking the train, she’d drive us to her secret parking place downtown & from there, we’d cab it to the drake.  it was bon bon’s first ever taxi ride.  she was so excited!  too darn cute to see her all excited. 🙂

we finally are whisked to the drake & bon bon felt so special…she actually squealed with delight as we walked up to the hotel’s lobby.  the concierge fussed over bonbon, which made her even more special.  it was such a treat to witness.  as we waited, bon bon kept saying how hungry she was.  teatd3.jpg

teatd4.jpg  soon, bon bon, soon was our reply. 


teatd6.jpg finally we are seated.  i have been to tea here a couple of times…but that was eons ago!  it was fun to come here & it was as gorgeous & opulent as i remembered. 



it was my sis & my niece’s first time & they were in love.  i think we will make this an annual outing. 🙂teatd2.jpg



teatd11.jpg  oooh, these were ever so delectable!  the mousse au chocolat was to die for!!!

teatd7.jpg  serene music sweetly played during teatime.  the gracious harpist obliged us with this snap.  bon bon was so thrilled & the harpist was just as thrilled, i think, too.  my sis was happy that we took tea here & made it so memorable for li’l bon bon.  she has been talking about her wonderful “tea party” & the beautiful “harp lady”…her cousins were a bit green with envy, hehehe. 

after an indulgent afternoon of tea, we were off to find that p.o.s.h. place!  we hailed another cab (how exciting for bon bon!) our cabbie found it! 

chitown7.jpg  yay!  finally, right? 

chitown8.jpg  there’s a place in my town in cheeseland called one posh place; but this p.o.s.h. place was a bit different.  the shop by me is very girly…this place was more into home decor with a french/european flair.  the shopowner goes to france quite often & brings back lovely flea market finds. 

chitown9.jpg  oohh…this display has me itching for GARDENING.  i cannot wait until i can get into my garden!  it’s been buried under snow since last november! 

chitown10.jpg  the shop sells beautiful silverware, dinnerware & tea services from some fancy schmancy parisan hotels.  it was fun persuring the wonderful treaures she has amassed from her travels.  one can do some serious damage to the pocketbook, hehehe.  but, i was good & bought a couple of vintage books that she had gotten from a brocante in belgium, i think she said. 

one day, my sis & i would love to travel to europe…my sis definitely wants to go to paris first! 

in a couple weeks, i will be back to my

chitown2.jpg to catch a flight out east, hopefully to catch the 1st blooms of the cherry trees & to get into (A LOT OF) mischief with lia.  🙂

i wouldn’t have said this 5 years ago when we relocated from our beloved maine, but now, i think it’s not so bad after all to be close to my hometown.  not bad at all. 


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  1. That looks like a great time!! I am going to have to put that POSH place on my list for next time we are in the city.

  2. Oh what a fabulous time you have had

  3. what a fabulous trip! i’ve never been to the windy city, so thanks for sharing! xo

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