so this is what spring looks like

it’s the 2nd day of spring & this is what we were blessed today:


we’re under a “winter” advisory until 7 pm cst.  they say that we’ll get somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 inches total. 

just peachy…

i finally loaded all my pix from last weekend’s adventures onto my ‘puter.  i had 150 pix to load & then photoshop…will be back in a bit.  the dh has got some dinner started, but wants me to prepare some side veggies…

after dinner, i will be back to post about last saturday.  then tomorrow, sunday’s adventures.  you have no idea the amount of stuff i am about to share with you.  that’s why i decided to do it in installments because frankly i’m overwhelmed with the amount of information i learned (tho in a totally good way!). 

be back in a bit!



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