mother nature can be such a tease!

spring…what is that?!   

the weatherman says up to 4 inches of SNOW tonight!!!!!!!! 

WTF, lol!

 i’m beginning to wonder if spring will ever arrive here in cheeseland!  but anyhoo…



i am WICKED glad that i finally get some relief from the schools!  as of today, i am officially on spring (it really ought to be called “2nd winter”) break.  

this has been one crazy week…everything all turned topsy turvy.  i haven’t even uploaded my pix from my weekend adventures yet!!!  ackkk!  it’s just that long days at the schools just utterly WIPE ME OUT…& it’s a flippin’ ORDEAL to get my pix loaded on the ‘puter!  it’s not a simple walk in the park folks…it takes me F*O*R*E*V*E*R!  & i just haven’t had the energy. 

 but now that i am on break (woot woot!), i will finally, finally, finally blog, blog, blog…to my hearts content!  i just wanted to post this to let you know that i haven’t forgotten…it’s just been wicked  CRAZY here!

also, another thing that has gotten my knickers in a twist is that my dh dismantled part of my studio while i was away visiting the fam in chi-town!  OMG!!! 

long story short, a few years back, the hubby & i bought this vintage porcelain double sink on ebay.  we bought it off someone who lived withing a couple hours drive from us.  we brought the thing home…mmmm, 3 years ago.  & my dh decides, as a surprise for me, to hook up the thing last saturday!  yeah, i know…took him long enough.

i wouldn’t be all hot & bothered about it ordinarily as my dh is such a handyman when it comes to home improvement stuff.  but on the other side of our kitchen wall is the mechanical room aka my studio & ol’ dh had to run some lovely plumbing lines.  guess where?  yeah, right along MY entire wall of shelving! 

imagine my surprise when i get home last tuesday night (yeah, remember my commute from hell in the previous post?) to find the kitchen sink (remember it had been collecting dust in our make-shift kitchen for something like 3 years; and for those of you who don’t know, the hubby & i live in the lower level of my parents’ vacation house in cheeseland.  we’re the resident caretakers, if you will) finally hooked up.  i was so excited!  no more “upstairs, downstairs” routine (again, going on for some, mmmm, 3 years).  as my hubby proceeded to show me how he hooked up the sink…all excited & proud… i just about had a coronary as i stared in horror at the state of my studio. 

OMG is really an understatement.  all my STUFF was taken off the one wall & placed into plastic storage bins.  i have know idea where anything is.  AND what’s more, i was mortified to see that i had bins and bins and bins and bins of STUFF!  when i had everything in place on the wall, it didn’t look like that much.   it was astonishing to see all the crap that i have accumulated, squirreled away & consequently forgotten about from over the years.  i have never felt so embarrassed,  mortified & a well, ANNOYED.  ‘cuz now i really have to buckle down & PURGE.  it took everything in me not to SCREAM bloody murder, hehehe, as i quickly realized that the hubby was really trying to be helpful.   plus, i really ought to be grateful that dh did not give me any FLACK for  all the CRAP he had to move in order to install the plumbing! seeing all my stuff right there in my face, so to speak,  was like watching an episode on the show clean house…  before they made it over!

well, now you know what i’ll be doing on my spring “2nd winter” break, hehehe. 

&  i have been dying to share the 411 on what my sister & i took away from the country living event!  no yoga class tomorrow, so i will have time to BLOG about my weekend adventures.  i know i keep saying that i will blog about that….but seriously, i will have both the TIME & ENERGY to finally to do it proper!

until then, have a good night! xoxo


2 Responses

  1. Oh man! That’s hilarious!!! I’m so sorry…..sweet hubby was trying so hard to be helpful. My hubby would have put everything in the trash….he loveingly calls it my “crap” room.

  2. I can really relate to this situation… We have put our house on the market and I had to move my studio to the basement, in bins and totes. It is sooo sad, everytime I need something I have to go thru at least 5 bins to find it!!! and I don’t know when it will be over!!! At least you can put it all back and you will know where the “gold fleur-de-le buttons” or “rose color pom pom trim” is!!!
    I can’t find anything!!!!!

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