“the universe is good & abundant”


was a mantra i kept chanting  sporadically throughout the weekend…yeh, it was some adventure all right…

especially during the drive home this afternoon.  i was trying desperately to think “happy thoughts” as i sat in gridlock.  what normally is a less than 2 hour drive turned out to be a 4.5 hour ordeal on my trek home.  OMG!  (i was saying that ALOT too this past weekend, lol!)…


even though the journey to & fro chi-town was something less than desired (& that is putting it wicked mildly!), the “middle parts” were actually quite FANTABULOUS!  🙂

i just don’t have the energy right now to go through my usual rigamarole (spelling?) on uploading my many pix from my weekend escapes & then blogging about my adventures …plus, i have to get myself organized as it is a “school night”…i just have 2 more days until school breaks for spring vacation, starting on friday.   i cannot wait, you have no idea!!!  if i am not too wrecked out tomorrow afterschool, i will try to post pix (finally, right?!) & also share all the FAB things that went on the past few days since we last visited. 

please bear with me…i do have so much to share!  i am just one tired puppy at the moment.  will be back (hopefully) tomorrow with my full report…

in the meantime, i continue to chant my mantra:

the universe is good and abundantuniverse1.jpg


2 Responses

  1. When we lived in Rochester, MN we used to go the Chi-town for fun. However, the traffic home wasn’t fun. We learned to leave very VERY early on Sunday to avoid the grid-lock on I-90 and certain other arteries. Now, of course, we live in the second most gridlocked area of the USA–Washington, DC. Sigh…glad I work at home. But I understand your pain. Rest up, and I look forward to pics of your adventures!~~~XXOO, Beth

  2. Beautiful sky pic. I hate being stuck and not knowing when it will end, too. Glad you didn’t have the rain and flooding we’ve had here in MO. Yes, please rest up and think about spring.

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