top o’ the morning

i am typing this at my sis looney’s house in chi-town. 
i had an unexpected extended stay here
 due to a bit of a mishap on my drive to chi-town last friday. 
 i am okay, though my poor li’l jeep is not…i was a bit shaken initially,
 but my adventures this past weekend more than made up
for the road trouble i experienced…the jeep is being worked on as we speak. 
 so i hope to be heading back north to cheeseland early tomorrow.
i don’t know where to begin as  so much went on this weekend! 
 & let me tell ya, IT WAS ALL GOOOOOOOOD! 🙂
 i have so much to share, it’s not even funny. 
i’m not really familiar with my sister’s ‘puter…
but when she is done getting her chitlins all ready for school,
 maybe later today, she will show me
 how to download all the PIX i took of our ADVENTURES!
here are some highlights of my FABULOUS weekend>>>
the annual turning of the chicago river GREEN (& other st. paddy’s day-related activities)
country living‘s ***SPECTACULAR*** women entrepreneurs event!
shopping along chicago’s famed MAGNIFICENT MILE
revisiting some old stomping grounds
bumping into local celebs
afternoon tea at THE DRAKE 
& much, much more!
sorry to be such a tease, hehehe…
i’m not in the comfort of my home office right now. 
but hopefully later i will be able to upload PIX!
what turned out to be somewhat of a shaky start…
ended up with a whole lotta FABULOUSITY! 🙂
update:  i just have spent the better part of today dealing with the auto repair shop & it was extremely lucky that i did not drive home last night! 
the mechanic folks said that i could have have been seriously HURT (i think the word, “died” was mentioned a few times!!!) if i had driven home without having the  jeep checked.  a major part in the front end was just about ready to give out.  i would not be here typing this if i hadn’t listened to my dh & my family to have the jeep looked at.
someone upstairs must still need me to be here yet.
& i thank my lucky, st paddy’s day stars!

3 Responses

  1. How lucky you were not hurt with the mishap with your car.
    Look forward to seeing your pix

  2. Take it easy out there. Glad no one was hurt.
    I would love to see that green river some St. Pat’s Day.

  3. So glad you decided to have your vehicle checked. And as a bonus, you have more time to visit with your family. 🙂

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