chi-town or bust!

oooh, i’ve been waiting for this weekend to come & it is finally here!  YIPPEE!!  it’s gonna be another wicked fun adventure.  oooh, i can hardly stand it!  don’t worry, there will definitely be a full report upon my return. 🙂

right after my yoga class this morning, i’ll be hitting the road to the windy city (aka my hometown)…i don’t even care if i run into a little traffic….that’s how UBER excited i am!  i gave dh strict instructions to gather any swap parcels & put them in a neat pile by the others…my itty bitty book swap is coming to a close this coming tuesday & i am expecting a few packages to trickle in.  the dh doesn’t quite understand all this fuss with the swap pages, but i know that all the gals in the swap, including yours truly, are all excited about receiving their final copies!  my sis looney is cooking up her very first swap in her sweet marie group on flickr…& i can tell you it’s going to involve marie, hehehe…so stay tuned for more dets to follow, i suspect, very, very soon!

fromkcraw1.jpg  before i head off on my weekend adventures, i thought i’d share a few pix.  this is a sweet 4×4 collage that i received from karen…she was my random swap partner in dear bloggy pal danielle’s spring soiree collage swap.  isn’t this cute?  it even has an “m”…for me?  thanks karen, i have it already hanging up! 🙂

the following pix are more whimisical treasures for this week’s friday’s finds:

shoemarie2.jpg  aren’t these vintage turquoise satin pumps 

shoemarie1.jpg just begging to be altered a la marie style?

lemain1.jpg & i just couldn’t resist this sweet little hand (well, actually it is painted cast iron, so it’s not exactly lightweight, hehehe)…

lemain2.jpg how cute is that? 

bunnyfoofoo1.jpg & i am such a sucker for bunnies, faux chocolate or otherwise!

bunnyfoofoo2.jpg  simply adorable, n’est pas

it’s time for me to begin my adventure!  yay!!! 🙂

here’s to a super weekend!  see you when i get back! xoxo


2 Responses

  1. Have fun on your trip and congrats on your itty bitty shop, great range of things eveyone will want to add to their collection.

    Congrats on all your swaps, you are a fun hostess and manage to find the most interesting collection of folks to swap with.

  2. HOPe your safe!
    Sounds like a great time can’t wait for the pix!
    I do need to have your addy tomail the itty bitty book swap I flickr mailed your and not sure if your at your sis’s house got the info hoping you’ll see here!
    spiritskr6 at yahoo dot com
    need your addy and info on amount to be sent or paypaled…

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