treasures galore

(disclaimer:  just so you know, this is going to be a wicked long post…so don’t blame me if you find that you have squandered your time, lol!  it took me four & a half  flippin’ hours to photoshop, upload ALL these pix & type this post, lol!)

 yet another busy day at our house today.  lots of errands, then a yoga class, house chores, & finally a chance to blog!  i didn’t actually get to do any “arting” because of all the other stuff that had to get done…one good thing though is that i received more happy mail.  yay! 🙂

this one was from one of my dear blog sista, melanie & her darling li’l daughter maggie.  they wanted to send me some things to hang in my studio, which i will do with great pride! >>>

frommmm1.jpgaren’t these sweet?  li’l maggie drew these pictures.  i love receiving artwork made from little hands, like yours maggie!   thank you honey!  i love them & miss your sweet smiling face!!!! one day, i hope that i (& joe, too) can come & visit you & your family again soon! xoxoxo

frommmm2.jpg& melanie generously sent me one of her wonderful collage artwork!  thank you so much melanie!  you are such a great friend!  i love that sentiment, “emergence”.  it is perfect…that is totally how i am feeling especially about my creative works.  🙂

then i received 3 sets of itty bitty pages for that book swap that i’m hosting.  ooooh, what a treat to see them firsthand!

ibpgs1.jpg from linda s. (aka i heart babies on flickr…linda, i believe, is an rn presumably working with peds/babies?)… i love those flapper girls, don’t you?! sweetthings10.jpg& she sent me this delicate bracelet in the sweet robin’s egg blue as a “thank you” for hosting the swap…i’m wearing it now & i love it!  thank you so much linda! 🙂

 ibpgs2.jpgvalarie (aka aka creativity on flickr sent me her set of sweet pages plus look at all the extra goodies she sent!  i especially love the handpainted birdie atc…it is simply darling.  thank you my dear for your thoughtfulness & generosity as well! 🙂

ibpgs3.jpganother gal, terrie (aka chocolate is the best medicine on flickr) sent in her lovely pages too & she also sent me this charming little gilded egg with yummy teeny weeny snickers bars (one of my favs!!)…thank you so much dear terrie!  you are a sweetie pie 🙂

if that wasn’t enough, i also received this unexpected surprise from debra.  she was one of my swap partners in the faerie zine’s vintage valentine card swap on flickr.  she apologized for her belatedness & more than made up for it too!  just look at the lovelies she sent my way>>>fromds1.jpg  is this not wicked cute or what?  i love!

but wait, there is more!  she also sent me a ton of images>>>fromds2.jpg wowza!  thanks so much debra! these are so sweet.   i totally appreciate your kind generosity! 🙂

fromlk1.jpgi also received this a while back, but forgot to post a pix…this is from another dear bloggy/flickr pal, lisa.  she is such a sweetie for sending this valentine card.  belated thanks my dear!  i always am enthralled to get any artwork from you!  lisa, btw, has asked me (among other cool artsy folks) to participate in a marie round robin (how wicked cool is that?!) which she plans on having published.  wow, i am honored beyond belief that she asked me to participate…i’ve been on a marie sort of roll lately, so what’s another marie-themed project, eh? 

funreads1.jpg also, some interesting reads i got recently in the mail (like i have the time to actually read these days, hehehe…it’s mostly looking at the pictures & eye candy)…but, i have a fab trip coming up very soon to our nation’s capitol…so these will actually come in handy on the plane ride.  i am so looking forward to going to my old stomping grounds (i went to school in dc back in the day) and most of all, getting to visit a dear bloggy sista, lia (aka art junk girl)…she was one of my first bloggy pals when i first entered the blogosphere.  something tells me that we are going to get in some serious mischief! 🙂 

& yes, we’re going to craft too!  lia’s planning a little informal “craftivity” event one afternoon that i am there.  flickr pals, hope aka paper relics & melissa aka little melfie are planning to bop by too…oooh, this is going to be wicked fun!  if you happen to be in the dc area next month, perhaps you’d like to join in on the craftivity? 

okay, i’m finally going to get to my antiquing adventures that i had over the weekend & yesterday, hehehe. it’s been awhile since i posted anything for my flickr group, friday’s finds.   so i guess you can say that i am trying to make up for some lost time…

the dh & i went to mad city on sunday for lunch at our fav indian restaurant.  not only is the food tasty there, but it happens to be right next door to one of my fav. (tho pricey) antique malls.  the dealers there carry quite a lot of really unique pieces like this old cubby. iwantthis1.jpg

i think the tag read that is was from the 1860s or something like that & it was used to hold nails and screws.  i have this thing for cubbies, bins & drawers. i don’t know why i have this fascination, but i do… this would be great to stash all my ephemera that i keep acquiring!  it was priced at $900 usd (gulp!)….uh, too rich for my blood.  so that is why i took a snap of it…maybe my handy dh could replicate this one day (yeah, right!)…nevertheless, it’s shot for posterity’s sake.

dolly1.jpg  this porcelain german dolly caught my eye…as it reminded me of another flickr pal, jenny (aka holiday jenny)…she has that same dolly image for her biz card logo.  i nearly choked on my own spit gasped when i read the price tag: $175 usd!  the doll couldn’t have been more than a foot tall.  that is wicked crazy, if you asked me! 

i did find some afordable goodies…like these sweet childrens’ books. 

sweetthings4.jpg  i saw the french one & immediately thought of my sis looney, who is gaga over anything french.  i remember going through a “french phase” when i was in high school.  i took four years of french.  funny, how i can still remember some of the vocabulary, phrases & grammar even!  the brain cells…they retain some selective info,  don’t they? frenchbkpg4.jpg  it was published in 1925.  it’s like a quasi-history book for the preschool set.  frenchbkpg3.jpg

frenchbkpg2.jpg  like a musical in book form, hehehe…frenchbkpg1.jpg

le livre est tres charmante. (the book is very charming)…& it didn’t break the bank either, so home it went. 

other delightful things that came home with me>>>sweetthings3.jpg  the bird brooch just spoke to me…sweetthings5.jpg

a sweet, miniature cake stand that came with a “free” 3-tiered cake candle…oooh…i’m thinking something marie-esque going on with this little find!sweetthings1.jpg  & these vintage easter ornaments were a bargain at a $1 usd apiece.  sweetthings6.jpg  i think i know a little niece of mine who would absolutely go nuts over the bunny one! 

it is nice to browse around a higher quality antique mall every once in a while…but i am not above going to a “junkier” antique mall either. 🙂  afterschool yesterday, i went to two nearby places…a one dealer shop & the other a multi-dealer one.  the one-dealer shop is not actually junky.  it is rather quaint & nicely decorated…almost like something out of country living magazine . i enjoy going there because the shop owners (a mother-daughter team) are so wicked nice & a pleasure to chat with.  anyhoo, here’s what i found there:

forlooney2.jpg  my sis looney is on me something fierce about making her a toy theatre with dress form assemblage…& how serendipitous that i found some really cool stuff to start on her project.   there you go loon, you likey?

i also spotted these sweet items:sweetthings7.jpg  these were marked way down!  wow, i couldn’t very well pass these up.

& this…i just fell for the sweet imagesweetthings8.jpg

 & even sweeter typeface!sweetthings9.jpg  it reminds me of the “baby” magazines that martha stewart used to put out.  the card was dated 1931.  & it was signed by parents to their son.  awww…such a cute little memento.  love the image for sure!

after i left that shop, on my way home, i stopped by the “junkier” establishment.  it didn’t bother me one bit.  the folks there are so friendly & the prices…well, they are practically giving away their stuff!

look at all  my dollar finds from this amazing place—it is pure heaven for me because among the piles & piles & piles of seemingly useless junk, i see POSSIBILITIES! this kind of antique mall is a mixed media artists’ dream come true!  seriously. 

dollarboxes1.jpg vintage boxes…

sweetthings2.jpg a sweet vintage tea cup & saucer in mint condition!

dollarfinds1.jpg a miniature toy theatre in the making?



wonderful milk glass pots & teeny weeny pink glass mug & even teenier, pink basket.

& saving the best find of all>>> a box lot of DOLLY PARTS!  woo-hoo, SCORE!


dollyparts2.jpg  wow!  i can make all sorts of doll assemblages with all these parts.  i am just tickled to have come across these! & for a song too!  no $175 price tag on these babies…nope, not even close!

so there you have it…my treasures to date.  🙂 

this should tide me over for awhile, hehehe…i’m looking forward to the opening of flea market season in these parts this coming may.  oooh, that place is always so much fun & i always manage to come away with some neat finds. 

i’ll be leaving for chi-town on friday for a very much anticipated weekend of fun & adventure with my mom,  sisters & the kids.  so trying to get some things done before i head out of town this weekend. 

until next time, have a great rest of the week!  bonne nuit! xoxo


5 Responses

  1. Wow no wonder it took you so long to do. A fabulous read with so much going on. Love all the bits and pieces you have both bought and made.

  2. one word
    love everything.

  3. Ooooo I can’t wait to receive my items from Debra as well! I am loving all the eye candy in your blog today!

  4. Yep… I do believe you had a very fun day!
    Those days don’t come often enough!!
    Crazy, But I have the same book, the blue french nursery one!!!!
    I love it , have used several pages, Looney will love it too!
    Be happy!

  5. I am so glad you liked everything!!!
    We hope you are having fun in chi-town this weekend!

    Take care!!!

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