d for diva

acs4.jpg  yup, that was one of mine that was returned to me with 5 other amazing itty bitties. 🙂

acibs.jpg  here is the original set of itty bitties that i sent in for the artchix studio swap a while back. 

birdiecharms2.jpg so that means, JANE (aka rocky point patterns on flickr) is the lucky winner of the birdie charm! she correctly guessed the itty bitty by yesterday’s deadline! 🙂  congrats jane!  she happens to be in the itty bitty robin’s egg blue book swap…& so jane, if you don’t mind…i will send this along with your copy of the itty bitty book. 

 frommm1.jpg  oh, this little cutie…michel had sent this to me along with her wonderful itty bitty pages….i thought it was a sort of candy container….but she emailed me & told me it was actually a teapot!  that’s even better!  ‘cuz i heart tea!!!!  thanks michel….you are a doll! 🙂

i apologize for the delay in announcing the lucky winner of my impromptu giveaway…i spent the day evaluating a bunch of students at one of my schools.  it was kinda draining, but i am glad to get a bunch of work done!  as a reward to myself, i jetted over to a couple of fun antique places not far from the school.  boy, i found some great stuff!  but, i will hold off & share tomorrow…

thanks also for all your generous comments on my toy theatre!  they really made my day after such a long day at school (on my day off no less!).  your encouraging words motivate me to carry on!  thank you!

i just learned that my niece’s journal (aka the isabel project) has left the UK (england & scotland) & is en route to canada!  to update you all, the journal left my hands back in january & winged its way to australia.  then it trekked northward to italy, england & scotland.  now it’s on its way to north america & hopefully, very soon, the journal will reach isabel’s hands in time for her to turn her journal into her social studies class by may!  wowza!  how wicked cool!  everyone participating in this project truly are ANGELS!  🙂

this is another busy week ahead… will be heading to chi-town this weekend for an exciting visit with family.  it’s also my mom’s birthday later in the week!  i can’t wait!

more pix of my antique finds tomorrow…have a great night! xoxo


One Response

  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! I am so Happy!
    You are so sweet , just like the little bird .
    Thank You!!!

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