befitting a queen


ever since we made the heart-wrenching decision to put down our beloved bailey last year, patches, our calico kitty has become the alpha female & not only that, but also my constant companion.  she loves to be near me, at all times (just very like bailey had been)…especially in the studio.  she has been there right alongside me in countless projects. 

take yesterday, for example.  i worked on my toy theatre wip for this mixed media collaborative that catherine moore is hosting here.  patches was right there every step of the way.  she has witnessed me taking this toytheatre1.jpg old clementines’ box, music box & ornament & fashioning them into this>>>

theatretroupe2.jpg  but after a while, i thought it looked a little plain. since i had read up on marie antoinette, i knew that i had to jazz things up…more befitting the over-the-top noteriety & excesses of the last queen of france.  so, i found some other things to kick things up a couple of notches (& patches thought so too).theatretroupe3.jpg  yes, the added bling was a good call…but it still was lacking a je ne sais pas quoi

foraging through my personal stash as well as from some recent offerings from some generous pals…i came up with this final transformation>>>


what do you think?

theatretroupe1.jpg    did i succeed?

 theatretroupe9.jpg  i just love how this little vignette turned out…& to think this all started with an ol’ music box i found last year.  it really pays to heed your instincts.


there is something immensely gratifying knowing that you created some artwork from miscellaneous found objects as well as taking time to do some literary research & of course, using a little creative ingenuity.  the results can turn out fantastic.  i can hardly believe that this came from ME!

theatretroupe7.jpg when i searched for the various fabric scraps, trims & other fripperie, i really had vague notions of how i was going to use them.  but once i allowed myself to get in the “creative zone”, there was absolutely no telling what marvelous creations would result in the end. 

theatretroupe81.jpg   i just sort of “knew”.  isn’t it great when that happens?

i’m a little bit early with my project for the toy theatre collaborative…& i have still so much left over that i think i just might make a couple more dresses…that marie, she was a clothes horse…we shall see what else my little imagination will dream up next. & you can bet that little patches will be there by my side. 🙂


11 Responses

  1. Oh that is so beautiful.

  2. I saw your piece on flickr and I am in love! I mentioned it in my blog. Excellent job! Sandy

  3. Wow, I am in the theater group and your piece is amazing! I love the music
    box idea…so wonderful and the bling is the crowning element. I just love it
    all. I am still toying with a few idea and hope to get starting soon. Yours is a
    wonderful inspiration, thanks for sharing this lovely work of art Pinkie Denise

  4. oh my WORD!!!!!!! this is absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!! what you can do with an ol’ clementine box…is sure GENIOUS!!!!!!! i simply adore how your mind works…the birth of this theater is wonderfully AMAZING…i love the process you went through…the fleur di lis, the crowning, moulding…and that MUSICAL bird cage…transformed into a QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh please, please add this INSPIRATIONAL piece to our SWEET MARIE flickr group!!!!! what a MASTERPIECE…i still can’t believe the transformation…i absolutely love how you added the gold touches to add that perfect aged look…the embells, the bling…and the gown…WOWWWWWWWW…the details and the design is STUNNING…i can’t stop screaming…i’m totally mesmerized by the beauty of this creation…oh it’s absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! i bow down to you, oh creative one!!!! Talk with you soon…have to pick up the lil’ ones…wait till I show bon-bon…she’s going to scream with me!!!!!!!! do you accept orders?! (thinking i’d love one for my French-inspired studio-to-be…) so in love with your creations!!! xoxo Loon 😉

  5. I’m in the theater group too, and your piece is so pretty! I loved seeing the gradual transformation in this post! So beautiful! I can’t wait to see what we ALL come up with!

  6. Fantastic piece…you are very talented!

  7. This is fabulous! I love it!!


  8. Spectacular Mary Ann, and very inventive. I feel motivated to get back to it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Love, love, love it. As another troupe member, I can say you set the bar high!

    xo Rella

  10. Another voice from the Theatre Troup here… Your creation is absolutely delightful!!! Heather

  11. OMG this is so amazing Mary Ann!!!

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