happy monday

it feels good to breathe again (i.e., without a major cough/hack attack) & resume my usual crafty activities. 

being sick last week…not so much!  because i am so behind with all my wips.  it’s not even funny.  but somehow, things always have a way of working themselves out. 

i had such a time at my local copy center last saturday.  my reliable clerk, stephen,  was not there the day we went there & without getting into the gory details…my copy order was royally screwed up….let’s just say a gross copy error of some 200 pages was involved!  OMG i was p.o.’d beyond belief.  & i was still not feeling 100% either at the time. 

but i had to get a move on with my itty bitty pages for this swap i’m hosting as it’s march already & the deadline is the 18th.  the hubby was waiting for me in the car while i was trying so hard to remain civil, explaining how royally my order was screwed up!   talk about incompetent & apathetic workers…it was like talking to a brick wall!  argh…my sister looney says i should write a complaint letter.  yeah, i just might do that…either that or boycott the place for a time.

anyhoo, i’m still working on my itty bitty pages, though i did manage to get the covers done.  i’m not going to let my near melt-down at the copy center the other day get to me.  i am excited to see everybody’s pages…a couple already have arrived and they are so cute.  this is going to be SOME book.  🙂

yesterday, i was feeling immensely better & decided that i would go to my local stamping group’s luncheon.  i brought this along gateaudumarie5.jpg as it has pretty much sat in the fridge uneaten.  soonafter the launch of my website, i got sick with the flu & wasn’t up to any cake actually as i was basically laid up in bed these past days.  anyway, i figured the gals in the group would get a kick out marie & also help me eat cake! 

the gals were delighted when i brought marie.  but they didn’t want to cut into her because she was just too fabulous to eat, lol!  i assured them that they would be doing me a huge favor.  it was funny that no one had wanted to “disturb” marie.  but… in the end they obliged & indulged. 🙂 

my curious sis wanted to see pix of the “remains”…so here you go loon, i just happen to have some leftover cake:eatcake2.jpg

eatcake11.jpg eatcake5.jpg


eatcake4.jpg  yup…she was as good as she looked.  & what about the doll part?  well, marie is in safe-keeping.  & she will be reincarnated, i’m thinking, in one of my marie-themed wips.  🙂

some of the gals in the stamping group had seen my little crown card in the stampers’ sampler.  & some of them even wanted me to autograph their copies.  i was like, seriously?!  get outta here!! lol…crazy!!!    they were serious & would not let me hear the end of it until i signed them.  wow, that’s a first.  how weird & crazy!!!  actually, i find it a bit NUTS, lol!  they were just so excited for me.  those girls…

welp, that’s all for now.  i’ve got so much to catch up on…plus, i have to run a few errands.  until next time, have a great week! xoxo


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