too much excitement


& wicked long hours getting ready for yesterday’s big day that i caught the nasty flu bug. AGAIN!  man, wouldn’t you know it?

i was feeling restless in bed, so i snuck off onto the computer because i really wanted to thank you all for your kind words of support & well-wishes. i wanted you to know that they did not go unnoticed.  & they really meant a lot to me, you have no idea.

it also occurred to me that i usually do my wysiwyg wednesday giveaways on the last wednesday of the month (which is today).   but under the present circumstances, i will have to forgo it this month.  & besides i am doing a giveaway as part of the launch of my new site.  🙂

this sicky gal is really pushing it…so i’m going to hafta sign off for now.  thank you thank you thank you all for all your sweet comments!  they really added to the joy of the day! 🙂

i need to get more rest or the hubby will likely cut me off from the ‘puter for good, hehehe!

 have a great rest of the week & be well! xoxo 


3 Responses

  1. Awww, I hope you feel better soon! I’m loving your latest posts. Yes, I’m a blogstalker but don’t often comment. I’ll try to do better. Sending you virtual chicken noodle soup and some vanilla chai tea. Always makes me feel better.

  2. Feel better that is aweful you feel so icky! Hugz Grace

  3. I have been thinking of you lots!
    Love your new site!!!I am so proud of you !!!
    Maggie talks about you everyday. Today she was covering Ethan with stuffed animals and then she ran up to me and said Remember when we covered MaryAnn? Then she asked if you could come sleep over again! She has been making you pictures. One of these days I will mail them off to you.
    Take Care sweetie!

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