reasons to C*E*L*E*B*R*A*T*E

well, actually TWO reasons…

reason #1>>> 

can you believe it was exactly TWO years ago  TODAY that i started my blogging journey?  i am truly amazed at how far i have come & where my bloggy adventures have taken me.  i’ve said this before, & i will say it again, it will never cease to amaze me how much blogging has enhanced my world>>> artistically, creatively & personally.  it’s astronomical really.


to commemorate this very special occasion, my uber talented & generous sister, jo (aka looney) created this incredible cake!


since i have been working on all these marie-themed wips, my sissy came up with the idea to make a marie cake!  from my rough sketches, cake frosting tips and various bits & bobs from my personal stash, my amazing sister translated my squiggles and made this FANTASTIC, over-the-top cake (all pix btw of the marie cake were taken by my sister, jo, whose second calling apparently is photography; baking the first!)…well-exceeding my wildest expectations…my sister looney ROCKED IT!  gateaudumarie5.jpg  apart from the little banner i made, my sister takes FULL CREDIT for this stunning confection…in her words, truly a labour of lovexoxo looney always & forever!!!gateaudumarie4.jpg

my sister must have taken a trillion pictures of marie (as we’re calling her, er, the cake, lol)…& it was so wicked hard to choose a few without going overboard, hehehe…i think we’re going to start a flickr group or something to showcase all the pix she took of mariegateaudumarie6.jpg

reason #2>>>

ANOTHER cause for celebration today is….

newnewbizcards.jpg  the LAUNCH of my new website!

this was a long-time in coming and took a whole lotta blood, sweat & tears (literally as i am not at all computer savvy)…

i wanted to coincide my 2- year bloggvesary with  my new website launch! 

i’ve been wanting to do this for some time now & i finally got the nerve to GO FOR IT!  i’ve been working on the site for the past several weeks & just finished listing several items just moments ago…just in time for today’s inagural LAUNCH.  there are more merch coming…i’m just running on my own exhaust fumes, hehehe, at this point.  please do come visit me there & tell me what you all think!  your comments are very much appreciated….PLUS i am doing a LAUNCH GIVEAWAY there to kick things off.  🙂

 weblaunch1.jpg  this little number is what i’m giving away.  simply toss your name into the hat now until march 3rd, ONE lucky winner will be randomly picked via this random generator. The lucky winner will be announced here & also on my new website 🙂 on tuesday, march 4th.  bonne chance!

today, when i’ve gotten some  additional shut-eye & rest, i will most definitely pour myself some bubbly, toast to a FABULOUS DAY  & finally, eat some cake!

  gateaudumarie1.jpg xoxo


11 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary Mary Ann! What a perfectly lovely gesture by your sis. Anyone can tell that that cake took inspiration and loving effort.
    Congratulations on your new web site in all its pink and aqua glory. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow!!! Congrats! We started blogging right about the same time! 🙂 My first “real” post was on March 1! (I had a very starter post in January, but didn’t get going until March!)

    The cake is simply amazing! And your website – what a great thing!! Very cool!! I’m going to have to do some shopping I think!

  3. Happy, Happy Anniversary and great new web site! Definitely a cause for celebration.

  4. Happy 2 Year Blogaversary.
    Congrats also on the website opening.
    Looney is such a great sister – her creation is oh so cute.

  5. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Sweet Reya!!!!!
    Sending thank you wishes to your lovely pals for all the thoughtful, kind and sweet comments on the “Marie” cake…truly warmed my heart all day!!! Totally loved creating “Marie” for your very special occasion…your design, ideas and your supplies truly inspired the “Marie” cake…she’s absolutely magnificient and guess who wants one for her upcoming 6th b-day?! She’s too sweet to eat…wonder if we could freeze her for next year’s anniversary…naaaagh…she’s too delectable to save…hoping you are finally sleeping, resting and taking a much deserved break…then tomorrow…pour some hot tea, sugar and…”LET THEM EAT CAKE!” Wish we were there to devour her and celebrate your special day…mmmm

    Finally…just want to say….YAHOOOOO….OH YEA…!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Sweet Reya, for your long-awaited WEBSITE!!!!!!!! What a beautiful site, gorgeous creations and sweet vintage finds…I’m so PROUD of your ACCOMPLISHMENTS and wish you a lifetime of happiness, joy, love and an over abundance of good fortune and success…you truly deserve the very best!!! Please add my name to this fantastic 1st giveaway…How fabulous is this and I’m so very thrilled for you! Looking forward to seeing your exciting adventures unfold more beauty and gorgeous creations from your loving hands! Bonne chance mon ami et soeur doux! Je t’aime, Jo aka Looney xoxo

  6. Happy Anniversary and congrads on the new online shop!! Come by my blog I got something for you!

  7. Happy anniversary to your blog and long life to your website!

  8. OMG!!! I looove your new website. It is so beautiful, easy to navigate, classy, colorful. I’m so psyched for April!!!!! We will be doing more celebrating! wwooooohooo!! xoxo lia

  9. That cake is so cool!

  10. A doll cake….what memories! My mother used to make some fantastic doll cakes in I was a kid. I have you cake pan. What memories.

    Congratualtions and good luck with your new site!

  11. this cake is the most amazing cake I have ever laid eyes on, for someone to create this from knowing you and loving you, what a special occassion! I am wondering when Looney will be creating her website! all of the wonderful things your sister has created in the past… both just spread so much passion around this world….congrats on your website!

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