total eclipse

did you see it?  the lunar eclipse?   lunareclipse2081.jpg my very fuzzy, amateur pix.  i couldn’t stop myself from shivering as i snapped this pic, lol…it was sub-zero tonite & i was freezing my little tootsies off!  it was wicked cool to see the moon turn red though. awesome… i’m so glad that i didn’t sleep through it, hehehe!

here’s a WAY better pic>>>


courtesy of Xinhua/Reuters Photo.

if it hadn’t been so darn brutal out, the dh & i would have sat outside & watched some more.  oh well, at least we were able to see this amazing sight!

onto other news…

i was so tired after a long day at the schools.  i took a nap…well, it was more like i was knocked out for 4 hours!  OMG!  here it is after 1 am & i am WIDE AWAKE, lol.

on a typical school night, i get to bed by 10 pm & then get up the next day at around 5 am! 

i’ll likely pay for this (bigtime, i might add!) later this morning as i have yet another long day ahead (meetings & testings, in addition to back-to-back therapy sessions) at the schools. 

the dh suggested that i “tinker” (as he calls it) in my “nook” (as he also calls it) & eventually i will tire myself out again. 

welp, i did as he suggested.  i got to work on my toy theatre i mentioned several posts ago.  the dh was kind enough to cut some extra attachments from his wood scraps so that i could further construct my toy theatre.  take a looksie>>>toytheatre8.jpg 

i took a discarded wooden box that had previously held some yummy clementines, painted it a few coats of, what else, my color du jour, robin’s egg blue.  however, in my excitement, i didn’t use any primer (as my dh would have like to see me do!) & so now i’ll have to collage over it or something to hide the blasted print, hehehe…

i freehand drew the topper, et voila, the dh cut out my design.  yay!  i am so lucky to have a carpenter/woodworker for a hubby! 🙂toytheatre1.jpg  the dh told me, rather sternly, that i’d better prime the additional pieces first before i go nuts with painting the main color!  yes, taskmaster, i will PRIME them!  sheesh…lol.

toytheatre2.jpg sometime last year, i can’t exactly remember when, i came across this sweet bird cage & torso ornie.  they were dirt cheap when i found them at one of fav local haunts, carousel consignment.  at the time, i had no idea what i would do with them, but i brought them home anyway ‘cuz, knowing me, i had a feeling that one day they would come in handy.  & wasn’t i right on with my intuition?

toytheatre4.jpg  this sweet birdcage is actually a music box. it plays this li’l tune

toytheatre5.jpg  it actually works, too!  🙂

i’m still working out ideas for my marie-inspired dress.  it’s going to be over the top, for sure…& involve blue, lace & other fripperie…toytheatre3.jpg

remember my finds from the other day?  well, i’m thinking to incoporate them somehow…


um, i dunno…i’m just playing around to see what works for me…toytheatre6.jpg

i have a feeling that whatever pans out, design-wise, there’s gonna be a whole lotta fabulosity going on!

i think i had better get at least a few winks before i really have to get up & start the school grind again! 

see ya when i resurface! xoxo

4 Responses

  1. Yes, I did see it and took some pics too! Wasn’t it amazing! Makes me think about how small we really are in the realm of things.

    You did luck out with your husband. I love what your doing and I hope to see the finished theatre! Your work is just so amazing and inspiring and your post give me a good giggle!

    So glad I found you! Hope you had enough sleep and that you feel energized today!

  2. My mother called to remind me about the eclipse and darn, I forgot. I was toiling in the kitchen, making lasagne. Saw the pics on the net, though. I’ll be watching in 2010 for the next one.
    Your “Marie” project is coming along quite nicely. What a nice helpful hubby.

  3. Oh wow your toy theatre is going to look amazing what an original idea. How lucky you are to have a husband that is good a woodwork. Can’t wait to see it finished.
    Cheers Linda

  4. I wanted to stop by and thank you for my OWOH goodies!! This is the first chance I’ve had to post but I love it!! I hope to use it soon. Congratulations on the ZNE team, that’s terrific and from the looks of your previous posts you deserve it! Thanks again.

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