crafty overdrive

happy monday! 

 it’s been CRAZY busy in the studio these past few days.  i am feeling some bloggy withdrawals, hehehe, but i had to complete some wips before i got to the blog, ya know? 

the other day, the dh & i happened to stop by this antique mall over the border & i couldn’t believe that i found an old binding machine!  it was priced $20 usd & then there was a 20% off discount!  i have priced these babies out & they range from 60 to 100+ bucks brand new… i asked the antique mall folks if i could check to make sure the thing works…& it does, yay!  woo-hoo…i can bind those itty bitty books in this swap that i’m currently hosting. 🙂


it came with a box of plastic combs (the thingies you bind the papers onto)…which was BONUS cool…but i think it may clash just a bit, hehehe, with the robin’s egg blue theme of the itty bitty book collaborative.  i think they sell combs at my local office supply store…well, i guess, i’ll be all set for any red-themed books or valentine’s/christmas books that i plan on making some day. 


at the same mall, i found some miscellaneous goodies, many as low as 25 cents, less 20% off! 


wow, we picked a great day to go there…am going to post these little treasures in my friday’s finds group. 


remember last week’s phenomenal  OWOH event?  well, i won 3 separate giveaways! wowza!  i will post the links a little later…i just wanted to make sure i mentioned this on this post, as i have more to share…(oh yes, i have already mailed off the winnings to 5 very lucky recipients!)…

here are some pix of projects that have kept me wicked busy these past few days:

(i apologize for the fuzzy pix)…these i’m making for everyone in the itty bitty book swap.  these are supposed to be bird’s nests made out of, what else? what’s turning into my “signature” material, shrink plastic. 🙂  i made a couple of extras, just in case i flub up or something. rebcharms.jpg

these 2×2 fabric collages are for monica‘s pink art collaborative that she has organized, in the name of breast cancer research, etc.  go to her blog for more of the 411.  4pinksquares11.jpg

 these here are 4×4 mixed media collages for my lovely bloggy pal, danielle…she is hosting a fun spring-themed swap.  4danielleswap3.jpg i made 2 because one is for a swap participant & the other is for danielle (i told her in my little note to pick one as my token of thanks).4danielleswap2.jpg

& i made these greeting cards using the imagery that i used in my OWOH giveaway.4ms1.jpg 

a sort of preview for an interested customer.  🙂


so far, that’s what i have managed to complete since i last was on the blog.  but trust me,  i still have a couple of other things brewing!  there is no rest for the weary or the wicked either… 

& my last news, i was invited to be on the ZNE design team!  wow! ZNE, for those of you who may not know, is an online group for mixed media artists.  i am so surprised but uber excited…i only joined the group literally a week ago.  every month, starting in march, the team will be given assignments, which is why i have been working like a fiend to get my wips completed!

i also am cooking up something for my TWO-year bloganniversary which is a week from tomorrow!   my sis looney & her chitlins may visit here to help celebrate…oooh, i’m not spilling the beans…not just yet, anyway, lol!  it’s definitely for me to know & you all to find out. 🙂

oooh, my mom & dad are coming up to visit us for a couple of days…& i better tidy up the kitchen before they get here!

have a great week! oxox   

10 Responses

  1. i am seriously going to go shopping with you one day. you find the neatest things!!!

  2. Oh what fabulous finds for you.

  3. ps, i got clear shrinky dinks, and they kept curling up and were unusable. did you have better luck with a different color or any tips?

  4. Hi Mary Ann,
    Just wanted to let You now I posted Your OWOH price today. It may take You about 4-6 days to get it. Hope it arrives safely and I hope You will like it!

    Ottilias Veranda

  5. Hi mary ann,

    We have a old binding machine like that at my school and I may have some clear combs…in case you can’t find them.I will let you know. : 0 )

  6. thank you ladies (she, alison, liisa & valarie) for your kind comments!

    i am uber excited liisa! 🙂 thank you again so much for your generousity! i can’t wait!

    she, i have different color sheets…the curling means that they still need to finish baking…i know the instructions say 1-3 minutes @a preheated 325 degree oven, but i have found that if you let the plastic, regardless of color sheet, bake a couple of minutes extra, the curling will disappear. when i first experimented, i had some that curled…but i put them back in the oven & they eventually (under a watchful eye, of course) flatten out. try that she & it should work. 🙂

    & valarie, how sweet of you to look for some…i’m looking into finding some online… 🙂

    have a great night ladies! xoxo

  7. Wow, what great finds!!! Love all the goodies and HUGE CONGRATS on the design team. That’s wonderful!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it.
    Cheers to you!

  8. Wonderful post! Congradulations on the design team!! How exciting!!!

  9. I saw the eclipse but I couldn’t get a good pic. Congrats on being on the design team!Love the bird cage! Sandy

  10. girlfriend…you literally ROCK! got your package… i am so stoked. thank you so much for making me a 4 x 4 to keep! you amaze me. and congrats on the ZNE gig! you will do wonderful! i had wanted to apply for the design team too, but last minute stuff {family illnesses} got in the way. and WAY COOL on the binding machine!

    p.s. you bring out the best of my totally radical vocabulary! like totally.

    love ya,

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