found them!

the other day i couldn’t find those valentine posties that i created using my photoshop program in my computer….but by chance, i found them!  the file they were in was embedded in another file, lol. crazy, i know!

 i made & sent the following a week ago & i’ve even had some of my recipients contact me to tell that they received them.  yay!  i have started to receive my batch, but i am going to wait until i get all 10 of them (i had a total of 10 partners in that valentine postie swap that was hosted by tyn over in flickr) before i post them on the blog.  anyway, here are the posties that i sent out. 






time is running out for my OWOH giveaway… it ends in a couple of hours.  i think at last count i have close to 160 entries!  tomorrow i will announce the names of 5 lucky winners oooh, could it be YOU?  we shall see tomorrow.   



2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to your lucky winners.

    Received your gift and charm from the Itty Bitty swap. Thank you for being such a thougthfull hostess and finding a wonderfully creative bunch of folks to swap with.

  2. You did it again…What a wonderful swap, it was so very fun & I loved the itty bitty valentine from you!
    I appreciate all your hard work & thanks for the special little gifts you sent out…you are too kind!
    Have a fabulous day…

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