wicked cool!

i haven’t seen it, but have you?  my sis looney called me last night screaming that she saw something that i made in the current issue of  stampers’ sampler 1sam0802_cvr_lg.jpgwow, i had no idea!  my sis continues screaming, “go to page 77!  you are %^$#&*@ there!!!” 

i sent in a few paper crowns a while back & this one was picked>>>ballerina1.jpg

well, i’m gonna have to run to my local craft store now & get a copy asap & see for myself!  i can’t believe it…but how wicked cool!


5 Responses

  1. Yay for you!!! I’ll have to see if my craft store has that magazine so I can see the rest of your pretty crown. Exciting!!

  2. Congrats Mary Ann! I’m so proud of you!!

  3. Isn’t it exciting?! I’m happy for you. I’ll have to run out and get a copy.

  4. Wicked Cool is right!
    Maggie is sitting on my lap. She is sick today with a high fever, but recognized your ballerina right away!
    Thank you for the post card.
    We love and Miss you!
    Melba and Maggie

  5. i simply can’t believe that i just picked up “Stampers’ Sampler” on a whim bec. of the pretty blue cover and ideas for the itty-bitty robin’s egg blue book. i never even looked at it before yesterday…and when thumbing through it lastnight with the lil’ munchkins…i said to shioban…”doesn’t that ballerina look just like the one your auntie reya gave you…that crown looks absolutely sweet + adorable…something your auntie would make…” and when i scrolled to the left to find out who made it…i simply couldn’t take my eyes off YOUR NAME and YOUR CITY!!!!!!!!!! we were screaming and jumping over the moon that it really was YOU!!!!! we’re absolutely PROUD of you and your accomplishments and are tickled pink that you had NO IDEA that you were published!!!! what a fantastic surprise and it really is true what they say…”good things come to you when you least expect it!” you truly deserve this fine and honourable recognition of your beautiful creations…CONGRATULATIONS and wishing you even more success to come…now, tomorrow…i must go back to jo-ann’s fabric and buy every single copy!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you and are soooooooo PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!! xoxoxox jo, tim, ian, shioban and angel sinead 😉

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