feeling blue


that’s the theme over at spc this month.  i missed last week’s…so i wanted to be sure i joined in this week!  also, it just so happens that i am going through a blue period (creatively, that is) at the moment…so this challenge comes at a perfect time! 🙂bluespc3.jpg

blue is one of my fave colors…it reminds me of the sky & the ocean.  i find it an extremely calming & soothing color.  it is so sweetly serene.  i can’t wait when spring finally arrives here.  over the years, i have planted in my garden quite a few perennials in various shades of blue & i am looking forward to a riotous  explosion of blue.  for some inexplicable reason, i am drawn to this color in flowers and flowering shrubs.   perhaps because blue is thought to be an unusual & striking color in the garden.  i planted a few nikko blue hydrangeas a couple seasons ago, & i am anticipating a spectacular bloom!  that particular shade of blue is absolutely stunning.  i love pink as well in the garden…but blue always wins out over pink (& i do love pink).  but in the garden, blue reigns supreme.  it is the color of choice.

in my old garden in maine, i grew (from seed) all sorts of blue flowers. it was the predominant color palette.   it was such a joy to have  these delightful gifts of nature readily available for an impromptu bouquet or a friendly gift.  it makes me smile warmly inside just remembering my old garden there.  oooh,  to be in the garden again…i am dreaming about my blue themed garden coming back to life soon. i cannot tell you how much i am looking forward to being outside & working in the garden.   that, along with creating art & my loved ones, are my raison d’etre

to view more blue pix, go here

oh, yes, i went to michaels‘ before yoga class this morning &  they indeed had the stampers’ sampler there.  🙂

wow, it was exciting to see my little card in there.  how nice to be selected out of so many.  i am tickled.  thank you for your kind words!  i very much appreciate them & motivates me more to carry on. 

earlier, i couldn’t find the full view pix of the card…but i finally did…here it is:published1.jpg

i have more that i want to share…like some wonderful mail love that i received…but it is a school night & it is getting late.  i will have to share that for another time soon.  plus, tomorrow at midnight cst, my OWOH giveaway comes to an end.   & then begins the task of the dh to randomly pick 5 lucky names!  thank you to all you lovely kindred souls who stopped by my humble blog these past few days.  i am wicked excited to see who wins!  🙂

until next time, have a great night! xoxo  


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations! on being in the Stampers’ Sampler! It’s BLUE! tee hee I LOVE hydrangeas but don’t seem to have a green thumb for them, I’ll try again though! Cheers!

  2. moving on up…to the…BEST PLACE- your DREAMS BEING FULFILLED!!! again, we’re so utterly PROUD of you and finally…1st class recognition that your creations are simply MAGNIFICENT! we Looooooooove the crown, the colours, theme and most of all the french lil’ banner…oh so CHARMING!!!! ps…shioban and ian kinda requested a lil’ crown for their upcoming 6th b-day…hmmm…do ya think you could remember how to make them again?! hee-hee….xoxo loon

  3. Hi Mary Ann, I’m Mary Ann! And I love that little crown – I saw it in there last week! Congrats!

  4. oh, pps…you look simply MAHVELOUS Dahhhling….in bleu!!! xo loon

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