is there such a thing as a bloggy hangover?

well, if there is such a thing, then i think i have one wicked fierce one, lol! 

ever since i decided to join the love train over at  lisa‘s wonderful OWOH event a couple days ago, i have been visiting, discovering & exploring a plethora of new (to me) blogs.  it’s been SUPER CRAZY how engrossed i got in my blog-hopping over the past weekend.   & not only that, i couldn’t resist entering a WICKED ton of awesome giveaways that were all happening simultaneously throughout the blogosphere.  OMG! there are HUNDREDS of blogs participating in OWOH… is that wicked AMAZING or what?!  i am overwhelmed, to put it mildly.  i really, truly am.  hundreds of creative bloggers answered lisa’s OWOH call. 

man, i haven’t done that much blog-hopping since i think the very first 6 months of when i 1st entered the blogosphere.  & that was in 2006 folks!  whoa, i had forgotten how incredibly addicting it is to follow one blog link after another & another & another, ad infinitum.  i wanted to visit every single blog participating in OWHO!  unrealistic, i realize, but i rationalized that i could do it in increments…a dozen or so at a time, starting from the top of the list & then working toward the bottom.  my curiousity was peaked & i wanted to see what everyone was giving away.  so for nearly 2 days straight, i went down the staggering LONG list of participants & clicked, clicked, clicked.  not only did i lose track of time (OMG!), but i also lost track of the number of giveaways i entered!  i cannot even remember what i bid on…all i know that  i was shooting for entering every single one.  but i couldn’t  leave comments on all of the blogs because for some of them,  i didn’t have a blogger/google account to access them.  oh well, whenever i stumbled onto that roadblock…i just clicked onto the next bloggy on the list!  i think i may have exacerbated my carpal tunnel tendencies from all that typing “pls. add me to the mix” & those silly verification codes that quite of few blogs had.  after a while, like the majority of today for instance, i simply had to tear myself away from the computer & give it a rest!   my eyes & hands specifically, lol!

oh another thing that totally floored me was the response to my own giveaway.  i mean, when i posted my humble little offerings last saturday, i really did not expect much.  see, i am used to the monthly giveaways i do on my blog (in fact i just did one last 1/30), which i call “wysiwyg wednesdays”.  the average amount of takers i’d ordinarily get is around a handful or so (unless it is a particularly popular item, then i have a sort of “bidding war” if you will).  not that there’s anything wrong…it’s just that’s what i was sorta expecting.  NOT this avalanche (to me, anyway) of entries!  i would never have believed that by participating in OWOH, i would actually EXPAND my blog circle TENFOLD. 

THANKS LISA for starting OWOH!  from what i see, OWOH has struck a tremendous chord in our creative blogging community.  a HUGE HIT so far in bloggyland.  & thank you lisa for having the guts to bring your vision to fruition.  it is truly remarkable how this all came together.  because of this, i have met so many new arty-crafty souls & discovered new arty-crafty groups to explore.  simply, phenomenal.  & ya know what else? 


life is good.   


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  1. i was wondering this too… as a matter of fact i took a day off from blogging yesterday and felt refreshed from the absence. I love blogging, don’t get me wrong, but when the eyes start bugging out of your head and you say LOL out loud instead of LAUGHING…then it’s time for abreak. 😉 ~Monica

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