what i did on my snow day

what an absolute luxury to have some unexpected but very welcomed extra time in the studio!  all uninterrupted (except for some light duty housework & quick meal preps)!  i have been invited to join a couple of spring themed swaps (in addition to the one that i am currently hosting) & so i decided to get cracking-a-lacking on those. 

the lovely sarah is hosting a cute li’l spring swap where you make 6 items that will then be hung on string or ribbon, i reckon…  can you believe it, i am already done!  yay, me!  sswapa.jpg 

the deadline is march 14, but since i was off yesterday…i got ’em done, hehehe!  plus, i’ve been thinking ahead about spring lately…& i’ve been working out ideas for that toy theatre troupe/doll fashion show that i mentioned a couple of posts ago.  i already started collecting the things i wanted to use to design my marie-inspired dress…remember, how i said i was going through a blue phase, hahaha?! 

for sarah’s swap, we had to make one dress


   sswapc.jpg one set of bloomers…

sswape.jpg one hat & a pair of gloves

a butterflysswapd.jpg

& one bird sswapg.jpg

this one, i had a bit of fun with…it’s a 3-d one that i fashioned out of wire, cardboard, scrap paper, some beads, flowers & a feather.  i am thinking i will make more of these for some other projects.  🙂

i almost hate to part with it, but i will be good, hehehe, & mail this off to sarah in the next day or two…i don’t feel like leaving the house as the roads are still being worked on… i wonder who’s gonna get these lovelies?sswapf.jpg whoever it is, i hope that she will be delighted! 🙂

have a great thursday…gung hay fat choy & all that! xoxo


19 Responses

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. What pretties you have made for the swap.
    Bet you want more snow days so you can stay home and play.

  3. I love your beauteous snow pics, especially “the garden is sleeping sign.” I heard about Chicago and Wisconsin on the news. Glad you got a snow day. Can’t believe how quickly you turned out your miniature wardrobe. Fabulous! I also want you to know how excited I am about the itty bitty book swap. I have my copies made and I am busy embellishing! Take care, Michel

  4. beautiful!

    are you participating in the one world one heart giveaway? i will be! please stop by my site over the weekend to enter (i’ll be posting pics of my items this weekend).

  5. omw!!!!! I love the butterfly and the dress! They look SO elaborate!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  6. Those are so fun! I better get to work on mine…and the blue pages!

  7. Fabulous prizes! Thanks for visiting my blog. And please toss my name into your hat! Merci!

  8. WOW! Jaw-dropping-WOW! Your work is stunning! I would absolutely LOVE to enter your giveaway! And a big thank you for stopping by my blog, too! I’m off to check out your esty shop – your creations are gorgeous!

  9. EVERYTHING is looking WICKED CUTE darling!!!!

    I am alive!! A lot going on here at the homefront that’s been keeping me away from the computer! I owe you a big fat email SOOOOON…I promise!!!

    LOTS and LOTS of snow here!!!! It’s been snowing for 4 days straight!

  10. just beautiful!! Oh, I would love to be the lucky winner.

  11. That is one’ big love’ givaway, I really like what you have done.

    Cheers Mark

  12. Hi there,

    I would like to enter your One World One Heart giveaway, but I didn’t see a place to comment on that entry. HEEEEELP! 😉

    Your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for the very kind comment you just left on my blog.

    Stacy Alexander

  13. I am ooing and awing over everything!!!!! I have to check and see if I have you on my favs, if not, I’m keeping you close by….love your stuff!!!!

  14. How generous, and how lovely!

  15. What a beautiful collection of things you’re giving away! Please count me in. 🙂 And thank you for stopping by my blog to enter my drawing, as well!

  16. Mary Ann, I love your work, these are so gorgeous. I love that idea of the toy theater too. When I first started to craft instead of paint I marveled at people like you who seemed to participate in so many things, and then I joined one and it opened the door to even more ideas. Your ability to balance so many creative ventures must be the blessings you receive from your constant generosity. Blessings, Karen

  17. I LOVE hearts, so I’d LOVE to win!!!

  18. THIS ensomble is Fantastic i adore your blog soo cool! i wish I was in that swap tooo darn I’ll have to try again later! i am busy working on the ittty bitty book page though…except now I have to catch the 2 naked 2 yrold twins running a muck in the house! Yikes!

  19. Hi Mary Ann – What cute little gloves. They look especially darling on MY clothesline! Thanks so much – I love them. Nancy

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