got snow? & oh yes, gung hay fat choy!

happy chinese new year!  today starts the year of the rat & a wicked snowy one at that. i wish you all a very auspicious chinese new year ahead! 

i let the schools know that i wasn’t coming in today because many places here are still digging out & also the roads here are still pretty bad…they are still dealing with the aftermath of some 20 inches of snow that we received overnight.  the state police are discouraging folks to go on the interstate because they are trying to clean the area up as so many slide offs occurred during the night.  also, we live out in the boonies & so our roads are typically the last ones to be plowed by the town.  so there you go, another (yippee!) snow day for me!

last night, one of my dh’s pals came by & helped dig us out.  i couldn’t believe the sight when the dh opened the overhead garage door.

bliz08e.jpg (boot tracks made by the dh’s pal, brian)

bliz08f.jpg (snow up to the knees!)

bliz08g.jpg (i told brian, you’re gonna be on the blog…& he just laughed, thinking i was kidding, ha!)

bliz08d.jpg (the dh supervising brian)bliz08b.jpg (the dh wanted me to take a pic of how deep the snow was in the driveway)bliz08c.jpg

(keep in mind, the dh is 6′ 3″…& the snow is almost to HIS knees…if i had been standing there, it would be up to my hips as i am a foot shorter than he!)bliz08h.jpg


right after i informed the schools of cancelling speech therapy today, i donned my snow pants & parka & trekked outside this morning to assess the “wrath” left by yesterday’s raging blizzard. the sun started to rise…but it’s gonna be short-lived because more snow is on the way later today, tho considerably less than yesterday…bliz08.jpg






(me standing by the snowbank off of the driveway…it’s not readily discernable from this snap, but let me assure you that the snow line nearly reaches my hips!)










6 Responses

  1. your dh is a hottie! hehe.

  2. Hello my Friend,
    I love the things you made for the swap. They are so beautiful. Have a great night..Mary

  3. What pretty things you made for the swap. Thanks for the link. I just joined in.
    That snow in your past posts are crazy!! We’ve been very light on it here in Delaware. The kids & I need to get our play time in 🙂
    Hope you guys get out soon!


  4. I LOVE the “Shhhhh the garden is SLEEPING” sign. That is awesome!!!

    That was a LOT of snow. Good grief!!!!

  5. yours are delightful!
    just beautiful!
    you are so fast

  6. That is some amazing SNOW!! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live where it REALLY snows… Love the sleeping garden sign as well – too cute!!

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