we were jarred awake by the sound of a loudly ringing telephone just a bit ago.  it was someone from one of the schools i contract with, who told me, “NO SCHOOL!” woo-hoo!  doing the happy dance right now, hehehe.  over by the school (which is south from me), they are supposed to get somewhere near 14 inches of snow!  & since i live way north of there, we’re supposed to get somewhere closer to 20 inches of the white stuff!!!!!!!  OMG…will i be able to dig out by tomorrow??  who cares right now, right?  i’m just wicked happy that i don’t have to go in today (& maybe even possibly tomorrow).  i can sleep in & get more studio time in later today! 🙂

thanks snow gods for listening!  i really wasn’t looking forward to driving in white out conditions!

i’m going back to bed…see you (much) later! 🙂


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  1. 20 inches of snow and no school! The kids there must be thrilled.You sound thilled as well. I would be too if I found out that I didn’t have to go in to work. 🙂
    Although snow can be rather annoying to clean up. It is sooo much fun to make snow angels in..etc.! Thanks for sharing this with us! *HUGS*

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