is it spring yet?

man, this has to be the longest & snowiest winter yet since we relocated to cheeseland a few years ago.  we’re supposed to get dumped something like 7-10 inches of the white stuff by morning!  yikers!!  oh how i dread traveling on icy, snowy roads!  yesterday we had freezing rain that later switched to snow & now we’re getting more snow going on top icy crud…just not looking forward to driving in the muck & yuck is all!  sigh… is it spring yet?!

i don’t know about you, but i am ready for spring!  i mean, we haven’t even reached valentine’s day yet for goodness sake & i am already thinking about spring!  it has snowed here about at least a dozen times this winter already & it’s really, seriously, getting old. lol…

okay, enough of my mini-rant editorial…onto other news, shall we?  i have been busily working on a variety of wips (what else is new, right?) in the studio as well as gearing up on some upcoming school stuff.  sometimes i get overwhelmed with having to constantly switch from my artist mode to the speech therapist mode…but this is my life at the moment.  some days are better than others.  just lately, it’s been a bit wearing on the nerves, ya know?    i really try to cram in as much studio time as humanly possible on my off days from school.  ‘cuz on the days that i’m in speech therapist mode, you can pretty much forget about any studio work happening.  my batteries just run out by the time i come home. 

take the last couple of days, for example.  i wake up, relieved that it was not a school day & had ideas whirling in the brain on some projects that i’ve been thinking about lately.  i don’t think i’ve mentioned this on the bloggy, but i was invited to join catherine moore‘s theatre troupe a while ago and we are all supposed to design a paper doll with dress a la marie antoinette style as well as make a toy theatre to showcase the doll & dress.  this morning, i started painting this old wooden crate (which formerly held clementines btw) a luscious blue color…somewhere between aqua & robin’s egg blue (i can’t decide which as i mixed the paint colors myself).  the idea came to me the other day to use that color…or perhaps, it could be i’ve got that color on the brain, hehehe…thanks to my latest swap (which omg, is filled to the max +1! i even had to form a waitlist, too…  what a great group we have formed…the itty bitty book is gonna be FAB folks…i just know it!). i guess you can say that i’m going through a blue phase, ha ha ha! 🙂

i asked the dh if he could make a sort of pediment type thing out of his wood scraps for my toy theatre.  he says he’ll think about it…i’m not ready to show you what i’ve done so far as it is very much in the beginning stages.  i promise to post pix when i’m ready to share, tho.  right now, i’ve got one eggy blue wooden crate painted, a discarded music box & mannequin ornament (which i plan to use for my doll parts). 

after i got through that i put that wip aside & tackled this next project.  i was invited by a flickr pal to do a limited private swap that she was hosting on swap-bot.  

i know, i know, i know.  i swore off swap-bot last year.  but i couldn’t resist the swap theme:  pink & aqua, my fave color combos.  & besides, the hostess (pumpkinseed mama over on flickr) hand picked her swap players & made the swap private.  that’s pretty much swayed me.  but let me tell you, i don’t plan on making this a habit.  i still have reservations about swap-bot. 

okay, i can’t believe i have gone this far in the post without a single picture, lol!  esp. since i spent the last few hours uploading a ton of pix onto my computer & then photoshoppin’ them all!  finally, i get to share some pix (thanks for bearing with me on this rather wordy post). 

i painted one of those chunky kids’ board books & altered it in a sort of feel-good, cupcake-y theme.  my swap partner loves cupcakes & altered art & i had an itty bitty  chunky board book to spare…so here you go, michelle, a OOAK handmade fatbook just for YOU:
















i also was busy making multiple valentine posties for another swap on flickr ( i had 10 partners + sent one to the swap hostess, tyn).  i digitally created the posties using some of my mixed media collage work & clip art via photoshop (i am finally overcoming my trepidation about digital-anything, lol) …but i will share these another time…i can’t find the blasted posties in my computer, lol!

it is getting really late now & i have to get up early tomorrow (eek!  in a few hours!!!) for school (or maybe not…hmmm, another snow day?  one can only hope!)…but i want to share these lovely mail prezzies i received the other day:fromjadea1.jpg from jade aka artchicapoo on flickr.  she was one of 4 partners.  thank you so much jade!  i love this super way cool altered cabinet card! 🙂

fromjadea4-copy.jpg  the extra goodies are so fun too!  muchas gracias!!!!




i was totally spoilt by susie aka susie scott studios on flickr…she was also in the group of 4 partners in the vintage valentine swap hosted by the faerie zine gals on flickr.  thank you so much susie, i love everything you created esp. for me!!  🙂





this set of goodies was sent by priscilla, my partner in the itty bitty valentine swap (can you tell i am obsessed & totally addicted to all things itty bitty, lol?!)…thank you so much my dear…they are super cute & sweet!  thanks for the yummy extras as well! 🙂

i was so pleasantly surprised to receive these in the mail>>>

fromcs.jpg from carol aka ties that bind in flickr.  she was one of the lovely swappers in the itty bitty valentine swap.  i love this sew!  thank you carol…you are an ANGEL!


& this was from my lovely bloggy sis, raesha…she, as fate would have it, was partnered with carol (mentioned above) & she sent me an itty bitty collage too as a thank you for hosting the swap.  i love it & YOU rae!!!  thank you!! xoxo

are you getting OVERLOADED yet, hehehe?  i still have to share these thank you favors i made (&also mailed out, piecemail, so as not to overwhelm & befuddle my local postal workers)…tyfavs.jpg


okay, i am officially WRECKED out!  i’m off to la-la land now…i just hope i hear the alarm go off!  sweet dreams! xoxo


5 Responses

  1. What lovely things you have both created & been blessed to have bestowed upon you!! I love your pictorial feasts serving up healthy portions of pure eye candy!
    Now, can I please be so lucky to be your partner one of these days? 🙂

  2. Holy Crap girl!!!!!!!!! You have been BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m inspired by the book you re-decorated… I SO need to try that sometime! *making a mental note*

    You rock.

  3. The altered book is so awesome I can hardly stand it. What a beautiful color combination!!! I’m so glad you like your SWAK – I love you too my friend!!!

  4. I’m lovin’ the chunky board book! Creative people AMAZE me!!

  5. That chunky book is amazing! I didn’t even KNOW I loved altered art until I saw this, plus I’m a huge cupcake fan. Can I be your partner next?!?

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