itty bitty notice


i am amazed how quickly many have already joined my latest swap.  & what a fabulous bunch we’ve got so far!  this little idea i cooked up literally a week ago (from today as a matter of fact) is actually going to happen.  wowza!  i am thrilled that others want to collaborate on what’s surely going to be a PHENOMENAL book!   fabulosity at its finest, hehehe!


OMG, we’re nearing our 30 artist limit & it’s not even anywhere near valentine’s day yet, hehehe! so if you are wanting to join, you’d better hurry.  or it might be too late!

2/3/08 update:  sorry, the swap is NOW CLOSED! 

thank you for your interest! 


4 Responses

  1. OMW!!!!! That filled SO fast!!! *deeply impressed* I’m absolutely amazed!!!

  2. oh darn! I didn’t see this post & signed up on the original. Would you waitlist me if anyone drops out?

  3. I really considered this one! It sounded fun, but with things as up in the air as they (still) are for me right now, I didn’t want to commit. I sure look forward to seeing the pages! I hope you’ll post them or at least an overview!! 🙂

  4. Hey!! I was going to let you know I am hosting a swap! It is called “Hanging up Springtime” come check it!!


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