itty bitty reb badge

itty bitty reb badge, originally uploaded by mainer at heart06.

i just created a flickr group for my latest swap. here’s the link:

feel free to copy & paste the above badge to spread the good word! (just use the flickr link noted above).

happy creating!


5 Responses

  1. oooh…how pretty is this!!!!! love the fonts, the colours, the image, the designs… i can’t believe that you’re already done with the itty bitty project…you’re quite AMAZING and i’m so LUCKY to have you as my sister and a kind-hearted artist extraordinaire!!! xoxo loon

  2. Thank you for youe e-mail today and remembering my sweet Grandaughter’s Birthday. I will mail you next week…Mary

  3. Hi! I sent you an email a while back to sign up for this book and I am ready to get started on my pages, but I figured I better make sure I am in first. Are you sending out confirmation emails?

  4. hi linda,

    i am not sure that i ever got your email…when did you send it? pls. resend it to & yes, i do send out a confirmation email as soon as i receive a sign-up, then i send one out…i just didn’t get yours…

  5. i double checked my hotmail both inbox & junk & did not see an email from you…i went ahead and “saved” you a spot in group…so pls. resend your email. thanks! mary ann 🙂

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