itty bitty book 101

my sis looney is such a visual learner.   & as such,  she needs some visual aides to better grasp a new (to her) concept, hehehe.  so loon, per your request, here you go…a little itty bitty book tutorial. 🙂

first things first….loon you want to make sure you have your original page

ibtut1.jpg face this {portrait NOT landscape} orientation.  it is like making an ATC (artist trading card loon…not the college entrance test…that’s ACT), only this is 1/4 inch wider (to account for the binding that i will eventually do).

second, once you’ve decided on your background for the front of your original, cut it in the above dimension & orientation.

ibtut2.jpg  loon, this will be like your “canvas”.  just use your beautiful imagination & dream up something that is uniquely you! 🙂  (& YES, you are CREATIVE, so quit pretending like you are not! lol, okay?!)


next, turn your original card over & this will be your id/contact side. this is where you write/type/label your name & whatever contact info you care to share (like your email addy or flickr site, etc.).  just remember to keep your info towards the LEFT margin (or it will get cut off in the binding process). 


now turn back to the front of your original & start creating your artwork!  just a little word of advice, if you are going to use some embellishments, just keep in mind  any large-ish 3-d elements (like a button, for example) may cast a shadow when you go to make your  laser color copies.  so try to keep your original page on the flat-ish side.  hold on, i’m not saying you can’t use any embellishments on your original because you can (like a flat ribbon, rub-on image or piece of lace)….just don’t go overboard &  plunk a big ol’ rock on the piece, lol!  okay?!  (yes, it is scary how well i do know you!)  🙂


once you are happy with how your original page looks, then it is time to take a drive to your local office supply store (& i know there is one a few blocks away from you too).  just be your charming self & kindly ask your office supply folks to make x-amount (i will let you know later how many to make) of color copies on preferably cardstock paper.  just tell the clerk to scan your original page at 100% size & if at all possible to fit 6 on a 8.5″ by 11″ paper.  depending on where you go, the length of time you’ll be at the copy center of your local office supply store will vary.  when i went to my local staples, i think it took me like 30-40 minutes…the very nice clerk was quite busy with 2 other customers when he created my copies.  but mom was with me, so we just browsed around while the very nice man (thanks stephen!) worked on my copies. 


now that you’ve gotten your quality color copies made, you can start adding your chunky (and/or flat) 3-d embellishments onto your x-number of copies.  have at it!  just keep in mind to stay clear of the 1/4 inch margin on the LEFT side of the (front) page.  okey dokey?


finally, you can do some or no embellishing on the back of your pages…knowing you, you like to keep things simple.  just remember to put your contact info…where looney?  yes, to the LEFT (on the backs of your pages)….just checking to make sure you were following along!  🙂

you just keep on adding embellishments to all your x-number of copies until you are happy with how they look. (& for garsh sakes loon, puh-leeze do not agonize over every little minor mishap or being a “messy” crafter!!!  this is supposed to be F-U-N, fun.  okay?!)   et voila, you’ve made your itty bitty book  pages.  & that’s all there is too it!   comprendez-vous?! 

i hope so, lol!!  i wasn’t intending on starting mine so wicked early, but you sounded desperate earlier today when we talked.  (oopsie, sorry, didn’t mean to give that away, hehehe)…but let’s just say that this will be my “BONUS” page that will be added in the final book copies.  consider it my little giftie for participating in the swap & indulging me on my itty bitty addiction/obessession.  🙂    i’m going to do another page, well, because i feel like it.  🙂

once everyone turns in their wonderful pages, i will be no doubt wicked busy sorting, collating & binding (hey loon, i might need you to come up to cheeseland one weekend shortly after due date time to help me with that…yeah, ain’t payback just a biatch, hahaha! just jokin’ loon…seriously, it would be nice if you could help me).   

so loon, i hope this helped you “visualize” what you need to do.  & one more thing loon, don’t forget that whatever you create, it’s gotta be in that robin’s egg blue, okay?!  just making sure, hehehe…xoxo


6 Responses

  1. Great tutorial…thanks! hee-hee You got my first laugh of the morning and helped me get a real clear picture of what I need to do (create)–and what I do NOT (agonize and obsess–mental note, contact wizard about that new brain) Anyway, love the post…this is going to be fun!

  2. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad your sister needed a visual step-by-step… I did too, but didn’t wanna ask. LOL I shall begin working, and see if I can some up with something.

    Do all the embellishments need to be blue, as well? or just the background page?

  3. You are the VERY BEST SISTER anyone could ever HAVE!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for this absolutely fantastic step-by-step tutorial, taking the time to take pics and an easy step-by-step instructions…gosh, I swear…I am so VISUAL and sometimes I just feel like a guy…(just jokin’) You’re so welcome Jana…I truly want to expand my creative horizons and there’s so much to learn and understand about Art and creating beauty… just so glad my sis was kind enough to share her wisdom…Happy creating!

    PS. totally am IN LOVE with your new banner, Reya!!! sooooo Marthaish, dreamy and springlike…can’t wait to start on my very 1st itty-bitty robin’s egg blue book! xoxo Loon aka Jo 😉

  4. Okay you’ve got me now! I am such a visual person I had the whole kitchen including the twins high chairs piled High as I created last night untl 3am….silly lady……I was just checking you out for from pumpkinseedmama’s swap and stumbled on to you ….Love your ideas! I would like to sign up my email is on the comments!

  5. Thanks! I needed this too!!! I can’t wait to get started on my pages.

  6. Hi Mary Ann- I need your mailing info for the VPD-ready to go! If you sent it previously, I apologized. My brain is fried with art.


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